The ROAM Awards

The ROAM Awards

Opening: September 24, 2019
Deadline: October 25, 2019
Entry fee: from $20 to $75
Prizes: $45,000 in Cash Awards, valuable prizes, participation in the exhibition, publication in the journal

ROAM is proud to announce the first annual ROAM Awards, embodying the spirited creativity of our extended audience of adventure seekers and storytellers.

Whether in photo, video, or written essay form – we’re looking to showcase the best of the best. Our collaborative quest is to discover, celebrate, and amplify emerging and established talents while promoting a pervasive appreciation for the natural world, adventure, and meaning.

Adventure to me is breaking away from the expected. It’s to seek out and discover that which stirs the soul.”
ROAM Founding Member Andy Best

Who May Enter

The ROAM Awards is open to all creators and “Contest Entrants” may be amateur, semi-professional or professional photographers, videographers / filmmakers, and essayists or writers/authors.

ROAM especially encourages emerging artists to submit their work for review. Creators from anywhere in the world may submit photographs, videos, or essays.


  • Purpose
    Your submission should represent what gives you meaning in life, connects you to the greater good and demonstrates how you share it with the world. This purpose is a ‘calling’ you cannot ignore, no matter the cost and may manifest as personal transformation or as your attempt to impact other people and/or the environment in a positive way.
  • Discovery
    Your submission must relate to adventure with purpose and focus on an aspect of your adventure which is completely new to you. Whether it’s a ‘first’ for just you or a ‘first’ of all time, the challenge is capturing and expressing this personal discovery in a photo, video or essay.
  • Awe
    Your photo, video or essay awards submission for the Awe category must relate to a place that has left you in awe of our natural world.
  • Thrill
    Your submissions must relate to an experience that gives you a thrill, gets your heart beating or creates an adrenaline rush; that surge of pure joy and energy that lives at the very edge of adventure. This category isn’t for the ones who ask why, but instead ask, why not?
  • Lessons
    This category is for showcasing the lessons you learn that come from adventures that don’t necessarily go according to plan or which teach you a lesson you didn’t anticipate you would learn. These are the journeys that leave a lasting impression on you and challenge your perceptions.


  • $45,000 in Cash Awards
  • Travel & Lodging Stipend for Awards Ceremony
  • Dinner with the Judges and Industry VIPs
  • Workshops from Industry Experts
  • Takeover the ROAM Instagram Account
  • Winning writers receive contract from ROAM
  • Join the exclusive ROAM creator network
  • Thousands of dollars in non-cash prizes
  • In-person and Online Exhibitions
  • Published in the ROAM Journal
  • International Press Exposure

Entry Fees

  • $20 per single image
  • $40 per single essay or video
  • $40 for up to 4 images
  • $75 for up to 4 essays or videos
  • $10 for each additional image over 4
  • $25 for each additional essay or video over 3



Chromatic Awards – International Color Photography Contest
Chromatic Awards - International Color Photography Contest


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