Chromatic Photography Awards 2019 - International Color Photography Contest


Chromatic Awards – International Color Photography Contest

Chromatic Photography Awards - International Color Photography Contest

Early Deadline: July 21, 2019
Final Deadline: November 4, 2019
Entry fee: Professional: $20 / Single Entry, Amateur: $15 / Single Entry
Prizes: $1,000, $2,000, valuable prizes

Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs.

Our mission is to provide artists the opportunity to share their passion and stories through their photographs, promote the world’s top photographers, and discover new, emerging talents.


  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Cityscapes
  • Conceptual
  • Culture
  • Environmental
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Fine Art
  • Landscapes
  • Nature
  • Nudes
  • People
  • Photojournalism
  • Photomanipulation
  • Portrait
  • Sports
  • Still Life
  • Street
  • Travel
  • Wildlife and Animals


Chromatic Photography Awards 2017 Winners

Passenger, © Cesar Dezfuli, Spain, Chromatic Photographer of the Year 2017, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Cesar Dezfuli, Spain
1st Place Portrait Professional
Chromatic Photographer of the Year 2017


Waterfall, © Witold Ziomek, Poland, Chromatic Discovery of the Year 2017, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Witold Ziomek, Poland
1st Place Nature Amateur
Chromatic Discovery of the Year 2017


Silence in Synesthesia, © Wen Hang Lin, United States, 1st Place Abstract Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Silence in Synesthesia
© Wen Hang Lin, United States
1st Place Abstract Professional


Crestfallen, © James Kerwin, United Kingdom, 1st Place Architecture Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
© James Kerwin, United Kingdom
1st Place Architecture Professional


Central Park at 10,000 feet, © Filip Wolak, 1st Place Cityscapes Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Central Park at 10,000 feet
© Filip Wolak
1st Place Cityscapes Professional


Grown: Tin Can Phone, © Sebastian Baumann, Germany, 1st Place Conceptual Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Grown: Tin Can Phone
© Sebastian Baumann, Germany
1st Place Conceptual Professional


Shamans of Siberia, © Yuriy Ogarkov, Germany, 1st Place Culture Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Shamans of Siberia
© Yuriy Ogarkov, Germany
1st Place Culture Professional


Locally-Produced Concrete Blocks to Reinforce Embankments, 4 minutes 27 seconds, © Carrie and Eric Tomberlin, United States, 1st Place Environmental Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Locally-Produced Concrete Blocks to Reinforce Embankments, 4 minutes 27 seconds
© Carrie and Eric Tomberlin, United States
1st Place Environmental Professional


Sasha / White Monarchy, © Marzena Kolarz, Poland, 1st Place Fashion and Beauty Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Sasha / White Monarchy
© Marzena Kolarz, Poland
1st Place Fashion and Beauty Professional


Pangea #1, © Michael Nalley, United States, 1st Place Fine Art Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Pangea #1
© Michael Nalley, United States
1st Place Fine Art Professional


Patagonia Autumn Night, © Yan Zhang, Australia, 1st Place Landscapes Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Patagonia Autumn Night
© Yan Zhang, Australia
1st Place Landscapes Professional


Dance Of Life, © Alexander Vershinin, Russian Federation, 1st Place Nature Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Dance Of Life
© Alexander Vershinin, Russian Federation
1st Place Nature Professional


Love, © Jaime Travezan, United Kingdom, 1st Place Nudes Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Jaime Travezan, United Kingdom
1st Place Nudes Professional


Green Palace, © Alain Schroeder Schroeder, Belgium, 1st Place People Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Green Palace
© Alain Schroeder Schroeder, Belgium
1st Place People Professional


Kirkuk's Unknown, © Osie Greenway, 1st Place Photojournalism Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Kirkuk’s Unknown
© Osie Greenway
1st Place Photojournalism Professional


When Mushrooms Were Big, © Oksana Moroziuk, Russian Federation, 1st Place Photomanipulation Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
When Mushrooms Were Big
© Oksana Moroziuk, Russian Federation
1st Place Photomanipulation Professional


Catch the ball, © Maciej Nowacki, Poland, 1st Place Sports Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Catch the ball
© Maciej Nowacki, Poland
1st Place Sports Professional


Art Poétique I, © Karla Gabriela Guerrero Trejo, Mexico, 1st Place Still Life Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Art Poétique I
© Karla Gabriela Guerrero Trejo, Mexico
1st Place Still Life Professional


Choral, © Hakim Boulouiz, Switzerland, 1st Place Street Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Hakim Boulouiz, Switzerland
1st Place Street Professional


Bagan, © Alain Schroeder Schroeder, Belgium, 1st Place Travel Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Alain Schroeder Schroeder, Belgium
1st Place Travel Professional


Been Fishin, © Gillian Lloyd, United Kingdom, 1st Place Wildlife and Animals Professional, Chromatic Photography Awards
Been Fishin
© Gillian Lloyd, United Kingdom
1st Place Wildlife and Animals Professional


From my Nanny's wall V, © Jakub Pasierkiewicz, United Kingdom, 1st Place Abstract Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
From my Nanny’s wall V
© Jakub Pasierkiewicz, United Kingdom
1st Place Abstract Amateur


Lines, © Alessandro Gallo, Italy, 1st Place Architecture Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Alessandro Gallo, Italy
1st Place Architecture Amateur


Hudson Hornet, © Jens Ochlich, United States, 1st Place Cityscapes Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Hudson Hornet
© Jens Ochlich, United States
1st Place Cityscapes Amateur


Round up, © Joyce Reinertson, United States, 1st Place Conceptual Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Round up
© Joyce Reinertson, United States
1st Place Conceptual Amateur


Flowers of Ethiopia, © Robin Yong , Australia, 1st Place Culture Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Flowers of Ethiopia
© Robin Yong , Australia
1st Place Culture Amateur


Life in Furnace, © Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury, India, 1st Place Environmental Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Life in Furnace
© Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury, India
1st Place Environmental Amateur


Carla, © Dayna Weststeyn , Canada, 1st Place Fashion and Beauty Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Dayna Weststeyn , Canada
1st Place Fashion and Beauty Amateur


Remembering a Night, © Joshua Sariñana, United States, 1st Place Fine Art Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Remembering a Night
© Joshua Sariñana, United States
1st Place Fine Art Amateur


The Wall Frame, © Matthew Portch, Australia, 1st Place Landscapes Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
The Wall Frame
© Matthew Portch, Australia
1st Place Landscapes Amateur


Spirited Away, © William Ye, Canada, 1st Place Nudes Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Spirited Away
© William Ye, Canada
1st Place Nudes Amateur


Basket Case, © Mary Dimitropoulou, Hong Kong, 1st Place People Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Basket Case
© Mary Dimitropoulou, Hong Kong
1st Place People Amateur


Journey Towards Joy, © Sohel Parvez Haque, Bangladesh, 1st Place Photojournalism Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Journey Towards Joy
© Sohel Parvez Haque, Bangladesh
1st Place Photojournalism Amateur


A Wonderful Time, © Vinci Weng, Taiwan, 1st Place Photomanipulation Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
A Wonderful Time
© Vinci Weng, Taiwan
1st Place Photomanipulation Amateur


Self Portrait in the style of the masters, © Jack Savage, United Kingdom, 1st Place Portrait Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Self Portrait in the style of the masters
© Jack Savage, United Kingdom
1st Place Portrait Amateur


Blue Head Group, © Klaus Lenzen, Germany, 1st Place Sports Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Blue Head Group
© Klaus Lenzen, Germany
1st Place Sports Amateur


Feels Real (Yoga), © Peter Barnett, United States, 1st Place Still Life Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Feels Real (Yoga)
© Peter Barnett, United States
1st Place Still Life Amateur


Outdoor Activities, © Pier Luigi Dodi, Italy, 1st Place Street Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Outdoor Activities
© Pier Luigi Dodi, Italy
1st Place Street Amateur


Saltmine Worker, © Cedric Favero, Switzerland, 1st Place Travel Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
Saltmine Worker
© Cedric Favero, Switzerland
1st Place Travel Amateur


Glimpse, © Jonathan Elcock, United States, 1st Place Wildlife and Animals Amateur, Chromatic Photography Awards
© Jonathan Elcock, United States
1st Place Wildlife and Animals Amateur


One Life Awards
One Life Awards