World Water Day Photo Contest

World Water Day Photo Contest

Deadline: February 18, 2021
Entry Fee: from €10 to €30
Prizes: €100, €250, €300, €500, €750, €1,500, participation in the exhibition

The Lions Club of Seregno AID based in Seregno (MB) in collaboration with UN Water (Coordinating the UN’s work on water and sanitation), together with Lions Acqua per la vita MD108 and Lions Club MD108 Italy, the patronage of the Municipalities of Seregno, in the occasion of the 2021 World Water Day is organising the fifth edition of the “World Water Day Photo Contest” #WWDPHC to draw public attention to the critical issue of water in our times, with special focus on access to good water.


The competition is open to all lovers of photography and to all supporters of environmental issues and is based on the theme “Valuing Water”

Entrants may present all photographs representing the value of water and taken with any type of photographic device, camera, smartphone, tablet, drone etc.

For all sections , entries must not have won an award in any other photographic competition on pain of being disqualified. Both colour and black and white photos are permitted. Software corrections, post production, photo editing and photo manipulation are accepted. Photos with signatures, watermarks or visible marks on the image are not allowed.


Themed Photos

Section for single themed photos. The theme is “Valuing Water” open to all.

Also participate in this section:

  • Young photographers aged between 16 and 21 years old (The age reached in completed years of age at 22/03/2021) and secondary schools , high schools and college. (YOUNG CATEGORY) . This category will be awarded with a special prize.
  • Junior photographer under 16 years old (as at 22/03/2021) and middle schools , elementary and primary schools (Junior Category). This category will be awarded with a special prize.
  • Members of any Lions Club or Leo Club all over the world (Lions Category) This category will be awarded with a special prize

Story Telling

A themed section “Mankind and water, a long love story” in which you can propose a set of photos, portfolios, photojournalism and storyboards, sequences of images that share a story related to water as a common element.

Along with the photos, will have to write a brief description in English of its project

Portfolios must be made minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 photos. (10 photos only for Early bird)


Themed Photos (all single photos)

  • 1° place overall: Euro 1.500
  • 2° place overall: Euro   750
  • 3° place overall: Euro   500
  • 4° place overall: Euro   250
  • 5° place overall: Euro   100
  • 1° place Europa: Euro 250 or an Honorable Mention
  • 1° place Asia: Euro 250 or an Honorable Mention
  • 1° place Africa: Euro 250 or an Honorable Mentions
  • 1° place Oceania: Euro 250 or an Honorable Mentions
  • 1° place Americas: Euro 250 or an Honorable Mentions

Themed Photos Young Category

  • 1° place: 3 weeks cultural exchange trip for a person of the Lions service program in a home / school / youth camp in a non-Italian country.
  • 2° place : sponsor award

Themed Photos Junior Category

  • 1° place : sponsor award
  • 2° place : sponsor award

Themed Photos Lions Club

  • 1° place Lions Club Memeber: sponsor award

Story Telling

  • 1° place: Euro 500
  • 2° place: Euro 300
  • 3° place: Euro 100

Exhibitions and Publications

A wide selection of the best photos will be published on the website and the social media networks of the competition.

The best photos will be selected for exhibitions and/or published through the channels of the the partners of the contest such as UN Water or Lions Acqua per la Vita MD108.


The best photos will be printed in a catalogue available in digital form and in print on demand.

Entry Fee

  • For the section “Themed Photos” a fixed fee of € 10.00 (ten Euro) is to be paid with the submission of the first photo and € 5,00 (five Euro) for each subsequent photo.
  • For the section “Storytelling” a fixed fee of € 30.00 (thirty Euro) is to be paid regardless of the number of photos making up the portfolio (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 photographs).


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