World Photographic Cup

World Photographic Cup

Deadline: October 31, 2020
Entry Fee: €100
Prizes: World Photographic Cup, Medals, Certificates

It is our firm belief that the practice of photography transcends language, culture and geography.

The World Photograpic Cup unites photographers worldwide in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.

Every single country is eligible to form a national team and compete in this one-of-a-kind competition.

There are many photographic competitions, but there is only one World Photographic Cup!


  • Commercial
    Images with an intended use by a commercial client to promote or brand a product or company. Advertising, fashion, beauty, still life, food, architecture, corporate photography are all included in this category.
  • Illustration / Digital Art
    An Illustration is a graphic depiction of any concept or subject. The main principle of an Illustration is to elucidate or define a concept, story, literature, activity etc. in such a way as to provide a visual representation of the story, title or concept.
  • Nature (Landscape/Wildlife)
    The Nature (landscape/wildlife) category consists of images intended to show the beauty of nature and wildlife. Wildlife images should be captured in their natural habitat. Panoramas are allowed in this category.
  • Portrait
    Entries should reflect the appearance, essence or personality of those portrayed. Images of families or groups are included in this category. Judges will consider the relevance of highly manipulated images as it relates to the category.
  • Reportage / Photojournalism
    Images that illustrate an actual public or non-public event, life, an area of human interest, telling news that have meaning on the context or record of events, high impact and/or lasting emotional response. Images that illustrate sporting events are included in this category.
  • Wedding
    Entries in Wedding must be done in connection with an actual wedding event (not a commercially created image). Images should reflect the personality of the subject(s). They must include some visual reference(s) that defines the wedding event (traditional clothing, church flowers etc.).


  • Registration of Entries Opened: July 1, 2020
  • Registration of Entries Closes: October 31, 2020
  • Judging Opened: November 2020
  • Judging Closed: December 2020
  • Finalist and Best of Nation Awards will be announced at Imaging USA on January 2021
  • Winners will be announced at the WPC Awards Ceremony in Rome, Italy, on April, 19, 2021


Individual awards

  • Digital Certificates of participation will be given to all the individual team members.
  • Nation Awards certificates will be given to the author of the highest scored image of each and all entered teams (score compiled by computed results).
  • Finalist certificates will be presented to the authors of the Top 10 scored pictures in each and all categories (score compiled by computed results).
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second and third highest score images in each category (score compiled by computed results).

Team awards

  • Certificates will be awarded to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • Trophies will be awarded to the second and third place teams (based on aggregated score of top ten placement in all categories).
  • The World Photographic Cup will be awarded to the national team which receives the highest score (based on aggregate score of top ten placement in all categories).

Entry Fee

The fee for team participation will be, for one year only, and as a very exceptional case, € 100,00, to all teams. This is regardless of the number of images a team chooses to enter. There is no “per image” fee to participate.


The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. A Governing Committee has been created to conduct the ongoing affairs of the competition, also supported by UAPP (United Asian Professional Photography) and AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). The brotherhood and sisterhood of photography is a bond that transcends language, culture, and geography. That’s the foundation behind the World Photographic Cup, an one of a kind international team competition. Sure, there are lots of other competitions, but there is just one World Photographic Cup.


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