Union Of Lights Photography Contest

Union Of Lights Photography Contest

Deadline: December 15, 2020
Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: Up to $10,000 in Cash Prizes

Union Of Lights World Photography Contest is founded to celebrate photography, its history and most of all, its art form – the subtle balance between aesthetics and purpose, aesthetics – the desire to attain ultimate beauty in reality through the use of a camera – and purpose – the natural dependency and need to express what is inherent.

Union of Lights’ goal is to recognize and celebrate the world’s best photographs.


One Winner Will Be Chosen From Each Category And One Overall Winner From All Categories

  • Abstract
    Photographs with emphasis on subject through aesthetics and elements of composition, not as an individual thing, but as lines, shapes, colors, textures, shadows, and highlights.
  • Action & Motion
    Photographs that capture the actions or motions of moving subjects.
  • Architecture
    Photographs that capture historical, ordinary and postmodern architectures as religious, public, residential, commercial and landscape architectures.
  • Black-and-White
    Photographs that capture captivating scenes and portraits using different tones of gray, ranging from white to dark.
  • Creative
    Photographs that capture scenes using creative elements to improve the subject’s presence from the subject’s natural state.
  • Fashion
    Photographs that capture portraits that includes elements as make-ups, props, posing, extensive lighting, and beautiful locations.
  • Food & Drinks
    Photographs that capture food and drinks using elements and techniques that make the food or drink looking appetizing and its best.
  • Landscape
    Photographs that capture nature and land using techniques that captivate and take the viewer into the scene.
  • Nature & Wildlife
    Photographs that capture nature from its natural state and wildlife from its natural habitat.
  • Objects
    Photographs that capture inanimate subjects as commonplace objects.
  • People
    Photographs that capture humans showing human nature and expressions or reactions.
  • Street & Lifestyle
    Photographs that capture candid lives in public areas and people in situations and real-life events or milestones.

Awards & Prizes

Up to $10,000 US in Cash Prizes with 60% of all entries awarded to the Best Photograph Overall – the Winning Photograph and Best Photograph in each category. The Best Photograph Overall – the Winning Photograph receives 30% of all entries. The Best Photograph in each category receives percentage dividend of 30% of all entries.

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