TransNatura International Nature Photo Contest

TransNatura International Nature Photo Contest

Deadline: August 31, 2020
Entry Fee: from €10 to €15
Prizes: €200, €400, €600, €1,000

The VADON Association (from Saint George of Covasna County, Romania) announces the VII. TransNatura International Nature Photo Contest.

The application is open, amateur as well as professional photographers are invited from all over the world, except the members of the jury and the organizers.

The basic requirement is that the recordings have to be made of natural habitats without disturbing the wildlife. On the photos only wild animals can be included, pictures taken of captive animals can not compete in the contest.

A candidate may enter into competition with at most four pictures per category.


  • A category: Open
    any type of nature photography, representing animals, plants, landscape and so on
  • B category: Macro
    macro nature photographs


  • The registration deadline: 31st of August 2020
  • The assessment by the jury: between 01 st- 15th of September 2020
  • Announcement of the results: 30th of September 2020
  • Exhibition Opening: 30th of October 2020


The works received will be evaluated and decided upon by an international jury consisting of the following five persons:

  • Haarberg Orsolya – Nature Photographer, Norway
  • Magdó István – Hungarian Photographic Artists’ Word Association, Transylvanian Vice President, Romania
  • Mircea Bezergheanu – Nature Photographer, Romania
  • Potyó Imre – Nature Photographer, Hungary
  • Dr. Szmolka István – Nature Photographer, Romania


  • TransNatura Award (Grand Prize):
    1.000 Euro
  • A – Category:
    1st Prize – 600 Euro
    2nd Prize – 400 Euro
    3rd Prize – 200 Euro
  • B – Category:
    1st Prize – 600 Euro
    2nd Prize – 400 Euro
    3rd Prize – 200 Euro

Entry Fees

The entry fee is 10 Euro for a category, 15 Euro for two categories.

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