Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019


Tokyo International Foto Awards

Tokyo International Foto Awards

Deadline: August 31, 2019
Entry fee: Professional: $20 per single image, $30 per series ( 2-8 images); Non-professional: $15 per single image, $20 per series (2-8 images); Students: $10 per single image, $15 per series (2-8 images); Portfolio category: $50
Prizes: $2,000, $3,000 cash, $100 gift card Paypal or Amazon, work exhibited in Tokyo and beyond

Tokyo International Foto Awards acknowledges, commands and exposes outstanding photography from all corners of the globe. TIFA connects photographers with the creative community in Tokyo, Japan, to provide them with an excellent platform to present their work to a new market.

We encourage all photographers to participate in the TIFA photo competition. Share your unique talents with the world and win prizes, awards, and recognition.


  • Professional
  • Amateur


  • Advertising
    Beauty, Fashion, Music, Product, Self-Promotion, Travel/Tourism, Moving Images
  • Architecture
    Bridges, Buildings, Cityscapes, Interiors, Industrial
  • Book (Series only)
    Documentary, Fine Art, Nature, People (Can be published, self published or Mock-up (cover, plus 6 pages form inside)
  • Editorial
    Conflict, Environmental, Photo Essay (Series only), General News, Personality, Political, Sports, Moving Images
  • Events
    Music, Sport, Wedding, Other
  • Fine Art
    Abstract, Collage, Landscape, Nudes, Portrait, Still Life, Special Effects, Moving Images
  • Nature
    Aerial, Flowers, Landscapes, Panoramic, Pets, Seasons, Sunset, Trees, Underwater, Wildlife
  • People
    Children, Culture, Family, Lifestyle, Portrait, Self-Portrait, Wedding
  • Science
    Environment, Medicine, Technology, Other


Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018 Winners

Photographer of Year

Life In A Leprosy Village
© Joachim Bergauer, Austria
1st Place Book Professional

Life In A Leprosy Village, © Joachim Bergauer, Austria, Photographer of Year, Tokyo International Foto Awards

„Life in a leprosy village” is the title of my illustrated book. Does this still exist in the 21st century? Yes, this village called M’balling is 84 km away from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Here, healthy and sick people trying to defy a cruel fate. The sick make up a third of the population. My book is a journey through M’Balling: Since 2009 show the life, the village, the inner and outer beauty, but also the dark side. a journey into a country where people’s will to survive despite their devastating living conditions is so great that they still smile.


New Talent of the Year

© Evelyn Bencicova, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
1st Place Fine Art Amateur / Student

Alice, © Evelyn Bencicova, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), New Talent of the Year, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Alice is a self-portrait done through another character. It reflects the certain moment of my life through the state of mind experienced in mental-health centre. Diary notes from the time still remind me of questioning ones own existence, of doubt and mistrust towards the space and institution that draws a very thin line between cure and torture.




Carry The West-Coors Banquet Beer
© Jim Krantz, United States
1st Place

Carry The West-Coors Banquet Beer, © Jim Krantz, United States, 1st Place, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Coors Banquet beer launched a new advertising campaign that illustrates the American Cowboy as an icon that represents the 140-year history of Coors Banquet beer.


Amateur / Student

© Alan Paul, Switzerland
1st Place

Jump, © Alan Paul, Switzerland, 1st Place, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Series of Jumps with Pro-Basketballer Marvin and Nike.




”Rhythm on the Shelf” of the Era
© Huang Sheng-min, Taiwan
1st Place

''Rhythm on the Shelf'' of the Era, © Huang Sheng-min, Taiwan, 1st Place, Tokyo International Foto Awards

When I creat the series, “Rhythm on the shelf”, I attempt to find some uniqueness and sense of artistic of the structure while it is under construction. In this series, I consider scaffolding, reinforcing bars and steels as strings and stave.I take the workers on shelf as musical note.The whole series shows the view with high contrast and surreal.


Amateur / Student

The Downward Spiral
© Katherine Young, United Kingdom
1st Place

The Downward Spiral, © Katherine Young, United Kingdom, 1st Place, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Staircases can be found in incredibly varied forms such as triangular, circular, rectangular and oval and are made of myriad of materials from stone and concrete to wood, metal and brick. As much as they are functional, staircases are also decorative and form an integral part of any building. They use visual language of form, shape, lines, colour and texture to create an abstract composition that truly appeals to me. In my entry which combines images from my Downward Spiral (looking down the staircase) and Serpentine (looking up) series, I tried to capture the beauty of London staircases.



Amateur / Student

Plastic Oceans
© Mei Chin Chang, Taiwan
1st Place

Plastic Oceans, © Mei Chin Chang, Taiwan, 1st Place Book Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

The garbage is not clear enough. The epitome of global marine litter problems, most of which are plastic products that will remain for hundreds of years. The rubbish made by humans drifts with the current, and it can be cleaned up after being washed ashore, but more is floating in the sea. But the existence of these garbage. Even if you can’t see it, marine debris is an invisible killer for ecology and humans. Turtles, sea lions, seabirds and other creatures eat garbage and become poisoned.




© Aitor Garmendia, Spain
1st Place

Slaughterhouse, © Aitor Garmendia, Spain, 1st Place Editorial Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Slaughterhouses which permit entry to a photojournalist are exceptional cases and, in the rare case that this happens, it is usually forbidden to capture the moment in which the animals are killed.Mexico is one world’s largest producers of beef, chicken and pork meat.At the end of 2015, after various failed attempts, I was able to enter 2 slaughterhouses in the state of Jalisco and photograph their practices. This was the beginning of the investigation which has now extended to 58 slaughterhouses and which now encompasses a comprehensive account of what happens there behind closed doors.


Amateur / Student

Blood, Sweat & Tears
© João Miguel Barros, Macau
1st Place

Blood, Sweat & Tears, © João Miguel Barros, Macau, 1st Place Editorial Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

On 28 October 2017 a boxing match between Chinese boxer Fanlong Meng, and Ghanaian boxer Emmanuel Omari Danso, took place in Macau, People’s Republic of China. The Chinese boxer won and was awarded the title by unanimous decision of the judges. Fate determined that Emmanuel Danso would dispute in Macau fight. It was this fate that put him at the center of this narrative. The project called “Blood, Sweat & Tears” consists in 2 parts: the first is composed of combat depictions; the second group consists of Emmanuel Danso’s drills, his dream companions and the places where they happen.




Human Towers Competition (Concurs De Castells)
© David Oliete Casanova, Spain
1st Place

Human Towers Competition (Concurs De Castells), © David Oliete Casanova, Spain, 1st Place Events Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Once every two years the city of Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain, hosts one of the most stunning human tower competition in the world: the “Concurs de Castells”.The team of “Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls” was the winner of last 2018 edition after completing successfuly some of the highest and most difficult human structures ever seen.Human Towers, known in Catalan as “castells”, have been one of the most important cultural traditions in the region of Catalonia for more than 200 years and have become part of the identity of Catalan people.


Amateur / Student

© Jakub Wawrzak, Poland
1st Place

Oasis, © Jakub Wawrzak, Poland, 1st Place Events Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

One of the impulses that drove me to create this photo series was the note made in 2010 by the journalist Joe Chandler. In her text she expresses the emotions experienced when visiting A.B. Dobrowolski Polar Station in Antarctica. Fascinated by the report, I started to create a kind of an archive comprising different materials regarding Polish polar expeditions (1958–1979). A small portion of the White Land gained a new technical representation – diorama created using a computer-controlled miller. I could again encode the image with my own photographic narration.


Fine Art


© Chloe Rosser, United Kingdom
1st Place

Function, © Chloe Rosser, United Kingdom, 1st Place Fine Art Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

‘Function’, explores our fraught relationship with the human body and how we are situated within our own skin. Here, people of different genders, ages, sexuality, body shapes and skin tones are treated equally, becoming anonymous sculptures that critique body image social norms. The work explores the relationships between the forms, studying their interactions in homely yet bare spaces. Aspects of the human form normally overlooked are revealed through unmanipulated, contorted poses.




Beginning of The World
© Takashi Nakazawa, Japan
1st Place

Beginning of The World, © Takashi Nakazawa, Japan, 1st Place Nature Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

The sun rose from the top of Mt Fuji. At that moment, the light of the sun illuminates the world in front of my eyes. The sun and Mt Fuji reflected on the surface of the water surrounded by trees created a wonderful scenery.


Amateur / Student

Sakura Guardian
© Comyu Matsuoka, Japan
1st Place

Sakura Guardian, © Comyu Matsuoka, Japan, 1st Place Nature Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

This place is lake Nakatsuna in Nagano,Japan. It is once a year that the conditions of fog, reflection and flowering are aligned.




Tibetan Family – The Long Journey Home
© Sarah Jenkins, Australia
1st Place

Tibetan Family - The Long Journey Home, © Sarah Jenkins, Australia, 1st Place People Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

This Tibetan family is preparing for the long ride home after spending the day at the traditional horse racing festival, where nomadic Tibetan families gather high up on the Tibetan Plateau (4200 meters) to watch local Khampa horsemen compete in various horse races. Everyone is dressed in their best Tibetan outfits, with some modern accessories. I watched as the mother of this family helped her exhausted three young sons climb on the horse’s back, while she and her older son held the reins and led the horse across the grasslands and the long walk home.


Amateur / Student

Night Class For Orphans
© Te Le, United States
1st Place

Night Class For Orphans, © Te Le, United States, 1st Place People Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Young girl orphans are raised by nuns in a small temple of Central Vietnam and they are taught with Vietnamese language in the evening.




Disconnecting Connection
© Al Lapkovsky, Latvia
1st Place

Disconnecting Connection, © Al Lapkovsky, Latvia, 1st Place Portfolio Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

The main goal of this project is to illustrate how we keep disconnecting from the reality around us at any given moment and becoming engaged in something that is perhaps real but not that important and relevant right now; How we just by the nature of habit choose more often to look at the screen instead of looking around, to text someone instead of talking to a person sitting in front of us; How our mind becomes global in the sense that we can engage in a conversation with people we barely know and at the same time ignore someone very close and real.


Amateur / Student

Intimate Selfportrait
© Ines Delgado, Spain
1st Place

Intimate Selfportrait, © Ines Delgado, Spain, 1st Place Portfolio Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

Intimate self-portraits that explore and transmit the deepest emotions of the human being through body and face expression.




Baby Lab
© Mikael Buck, United Kingdom
1st Place

Baby Lab, © Mikael Buck, United Kingdom, 1st Place Science Professional, Tokyo International Foto Awards

A child has her brain waves monitored as she uses an iPad during an experiment at Birkbeck University London. The university’s ‘Baby Lab’ is conducting a long term experiment to determine the impact of technology use by toddlers. In their own words they are “studying how 6 month to 3 year old infants are using touchscreen devices and how this use (or lack of use) is influencing their cognitive, brain and social development”.


Amateur / Student

The Donation, Source of Life and Hope
© Fran Fernandez, Spain
1st Place

The Donation, Source of Life and Hope, © Fran Fernandez, Spain, 1st Place Science Amateur / Student, Tokyo International Foto Awards

The number of people is increasing, they find in the donation a way to channel the sad and irremediable experience of death, and transform it into a powerful gesture of kindness, source of light, life and hope for those who need it so much , which will allow thousands of new stories to continue to be written. And that is precisely what we wanted to transmit with this photographic project; tell a story in which all the elements that make, in perfect union, that life continues to break through. Allowing us to be visual witnesses of what happens by and for the attainment of new lives.


Tokyo International Foto Awards 2017 Winners


Guide Cover Photography Competition – Alan Rogers
Guide Cover Photography Competition - Alan Rogers