Mobile Photography Prize – PHmuseum

Mobile Photography Prize - PHmuseum

Opening: May 7, 2019
Early Bird Deadline: May 23, 2019
Deadline: June 13, 2019
Entry fee: 1 photo: Free-£5, up to 5 photos: £10-£15, up to 10 photos: £15-£20
Prizes: £150, £250, £1,000, participation in the exhibition, publication in the photo book

How much have the practice and art of representing ourselves and the surrounding changed since each one of us has the opportunity to take a photo from a mobile phone?

Acknowledging the historical importance of the phenomenon, PHmuseum has decided to launch a prize exclusively dedicated to mobile photography. The call will be open to photographers of all levels and nationalities and it will represent the beginning of a research path to be continued on an annual base until 2024.

Every year we will analyze different aspects of the phenomenon with the most significant images awarded with £ 8,000 in cash prizes and published in a photographic book. Placing on paper what is born in a digital way will be a provocation aimed at nourishing the reflection on the whole phenomenon of mobile photography and its historical importance.


  • (Self) Portrait
    From the first uses in sculptures and paintings to modern selfies, the evolution of self-representation coincided with the evolution of the techniques and technologies used. The self-portrait as a means of investigating and reflecting on oneself.
  • #Love
    It was the most used hashtag on Instagram in 2018, with an all-time count of 1.5 billion posts. The concept will be analyzed in its broadest meanings, trying to answer a simple yet non-banal question: what is love in the age of social media?
  • Wanderlust
    The idea of travelling, images of landscape, people and animals. Photos that represent vacations and visits to faraway places, but also the concept of travelling from a metaphorical point of view. The mobile phone has become the main tool for telling and representing our innate desire for exploration and escape.
  • Fashion
    Social media and fashion have influenced each other’s growths. Nowadays fashion houses guide users’ habits and customs, but it is also ordinary people with their “social” shots that affect the the way brands communicate. Where do we stand after more than 10 years of digital interaction?
  • Documentary
    The constant presence of the mobile phone in our daily lives, its simplicity of use, and its discretion have made the phone one of the most widespread tools to tell not only personal moments but also collective stories and daily news.


  • Mobile Photo Of The Year – £1,000
  • Categories: 1st Prize – £1,000, 2nd Prize – £250, 3rd Prize – £150, Up to 5 mentions
  • PHmuseum’s Team will select around 200 images that will be published in a limited edition book. The publication will be the first one of a series of volumes that will be released on an annual basis with the aim of immortalize on paper the ephemeral images describing the phenomenon of the last few years.
  • Rosa Roth, Founder & Editor​ of​ The Smart View​​ ​will select 5 images from all the submissions to be published ​in​ TSV_ZINE Edition​ ​Issue n°4, a new printed photo zine which will be released in September 2019.
  • GUP Magazine Editorial Team will choose 3 photographers from all the submissions to receive each an online portfolio feature plus a yearly subscription to their printed magazine.



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