Places We Shall Never Whisper About Photo Story Contest

Places We Shall Never Whisper About Photo Story Contest

Deadline: November 1, 2020
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: $40, $60, $100, $150


Every city has its terrifying secrets to blow the human mind. Have you ever walked down a mysterious place which is tied with stories about ghosts, mythic beings, UFOs, paranormal adventures, living monsters, or any unusual thing which surprised or fascinated you? Are there any places that make you hold your breath to explore and you feel horrified to whisper their names. We would love to see your thrill visit and stories heard about such mysterious places. Make your audience a bit scared and tell us the uncanny photostory to win an exciting reward!

Content Requirements

  • Create a photostory by using 5-10 original photos and share your ghostly/mysterious experience. Let your audience enjoy a good scare.
  • Use original and good quality media.
  • Create a brief description and caption to each photo to make the story comprehensive, engaging, and expressive.
  • Use your original content, the plagiarized text will lead to disqualification


People who want to take stock of the world of horror and mystery.

Winning criteria

The contest entries will be judged. The Contest Sponsors will choose the winners based on the following criteria:

  • The submitted story must meet all the content requirements
  • The content should be creative and engaging ( Remember you are writing for an international audience)
  • Image quality and authenticity matters


  • First prize – $150
  • Second place – $100
  • Third place – $60
  • Fourth – $40
  • Fifth place – $40
  • Sixth place – $40
  • Seventh place – $40
  • Eighth place – $40


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