The Trafalgar Way Art Photography Competition

The Trafalgar Way Art Photography Competition

Deadline: April 16, 2021
Entry fee: Age 7 to 16 – Free, Age 17 to adult – £5
Prizes: £10, £25, £250, £500, £1,000, trophies, valuable prizes

As you will appreciate, the run of our competition since early 2020 has been hugely disrupted by the Covid-19 lockdown and all the uncertainty that has gone along with that. We have been unable to reach many of the groups, schools and clubs we had hoped to. Consequently the number of entries received is far lower than anticipated. We are particularly sad that with schools being off, we’ve been unable to reach many younger entrants. So after some deliberation, we have decided to extend the competition deadline to 16th April 2021, after the Easter break.

This gives US the chance to tell more people about The Trafalgar Way, visit schools and spread the word about the competition for a bit longer; and gives YOU the time to enter again! Perhaps you could capture your town or countryside in a different season, or explore a different section of the route, to improve your personal chances of winning in your preferred category? Have a think – this could be a great opportunity to have another go.

Free entry for under 17s

We really want young people to engage with this project! To show that it is not all about fundraising and that we are not like other more commercially-oriented competition organisers (whose fees are often substantially higher than ours and for whom such competitions are entirely a commercial proposition), we have taken the decision to remove the entry fee for anyone under age 17. If you had already entered and paid the £1 or £2 fee we hope you will consider this a small donation to help us on our way? Making entry free for young people will, we hope, remove a barrier to entry and encourage more schools to take part.

Important and fun thing! “Halfway Home”, a special prize!

For those amongst you who have already entered or are on course to submit your entry by 1st September 2020, we’d like to recognise that effort. So we came up with the idea of an interim prize – “Halfway Home”. We have three ‘Lt Lapenotiere’ actors who’ve worked with us in costume over the past few years, Rob, Adam and Tom. The ‘three Lieutenants’ are standing by to each pick a favourite from amongst all the entries received by midnight on 1st September – so hurry and get your first entries in by then for your chance to win an extra something!

Each winning “Halfway Home” entrant will be rewarded with a copy of our fantastic illustrated Official Storymap of The Trafalgar Way. All entries will of course still go forward for official judging for the big prizes next April. You may wish to enter once before September 1st and then take your time for further entries in the coming six months?

All the best – thanks for your understanding, and good luck in the Halfway Home competition AND the main one!

Create an image featuring The Trafalgar Way and you could win £1000!

The Art and Photography competition invites entrants to explore and capture the route and geography of The Trafalgar Way in picture form, as well as learning something of its history.

The story of how news of the Battle of Trafalgar was rushed from Falmouth to London by relays of horse-drawn carriages conjures up the can-do attitude of Nelson’s Royal Navy.

The Trafalgar Way is the UK’s only designated historical coaching route, a vital artery that once passed through eight southern counties. Now we want you to explore that route with its many fascinating and beautiful features and create your own Postcard from The Trafalgar Way.”

Geoff Hunt PPRSMA (Marine artist, plein-air painter and competition judge)


  • There are almost 40 chances to win an award in this competition, with top prizes including up to £1000, plus special trophies and lots of runner-up prizes to scoop.
  • Main award winners will be invited to London for a private awards ceremony and spectacular concert which will feature their winning entry.
  • All award-winning entries will be considered for a Postcards from the Trafalgar Way touring exhibition during 2021.

Entry Fees

Entry fees (and prizes) vary according to age group:

  • Age 7 to 11 – free to enter
  • Age 12 to 16 – free to enter
  • Age 17 to adult – £5 per entry
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