CEWE Photo Award 2019


CEWE Photo Award – Our world is beautiful

CEWE Photo Award

Deadline: June 2, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €1,000, €2,500 of CEWE products, €2,500, €5,000, €7,500 of photography equipment, trip worth €15,000

The CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA, located in Oldenburg, Germany, in the following referred to as CEWE, is organising the photo contest “CEWE Photo Award 2019 – Our world is beautiful”. The topic of the contest is to capture the beauty of this world at the heart of the photographic scene.

From breath-taking panoramic landscapes to beautiful portraits or even extreme close-ups, to the photographer with a keen eye and unique perspective, the beauty of our world can be found anywhere.

Be inspired by our motto “Our World is beautiful”, and show us your very best photographs that display your unique perspective on the world.


  • Landscapes
  • People
  • Nature
  • Sports
  • Architecture & Infrastructure
  • Food
  • Travel & Culture
  • Animals
  • Hobby & Leisure
  • Humour

Website: http://contest.cewe-photoworld.com/cewephotoaward

CEWE Photo Award Monthly Winners

March 2019

© Axel Brand, Sport, CEWE Photo Award
© Axel Brand


© Maksym Gogolyev, Hobby and leisure, CEWE Photo Award
© Maksym Gogolyev
Hobby and leisure


© Erard Swannet, Sport, CEWE Photo Award
© Erard Swannet


February 2019

© Giovanni Allievi, Landscapes, CEWE Photo Award
© Giovanni Allievi


© Knud Fuusgaard, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
© Knud Fuusgaard


© Roman Jaroš, Sport, CEWE Photo Award
© Roman Jaroš


January 2019

© Laura Moutinho, Sport, CEWE Photo Award
© Laura Moutinho


© Thomas Hinsche, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
© Thomas Hinsche


© Anders Brakestad, Architecture and infrastructure, CEWE Photo Award
© Anders Brakestad
Architecture and infrastructure


December 2018

© Jose pablo Gomez carpintero, Travel and culture, CEWE Photo Award
© Jose pablo Gomez carpintero
Travel and culture


© Doris Wahler, Nature, CEWE Photo Award
© Doris Wahler


© Jurica Galić, Travel and culture, CEWE Photo Award
© Jurica Galić
Travel and culture


November 2018

Arctic Fox, © Arnfinn Johansen, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
Arctic Fox
© Arnfinn Johansen


Coexistence, © Ljiljana Vesković, Architecture and infrastructure, CEWE Photo Award
© Ljiljana Vesković
Architecture and infrastructure


Magical Morning, © Grzegorz Zimny, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
Magical Morning
© Grzegorz Zimny


October 2018

Reader, © Mia Feres, People, CEWE Photo Award
© Mia Feres


Power of Padang Padang, © Jasmine Persson, Sport, CEWE Photo Award
Power of Padang Padang
© Jasmine Persson


The Heart of sLOVEnii, © Piotr Skrzypiec, Travel and culture, CEWE Photo Award
The Heart of sLOVEnii
© Piotr Skrzypiec
Travel and culture


September 2018

Childhood Memory, © Carla Beaujardová, People, CEWE Photo Award
Childhood Memory
© Carla Beaujardová


Simplicity, © Ágnes Mezősi, Architecture and infrastructure, CEWE Photo Award
© Ágnes Mezősi
Architecture and infrastructure


One Tree, © Imi Koetz, Landscapes, CEWE Photo Award
One Tree
© Imi Koetz


August 2018

Fallen Nature, © Radoslaw Zubrycki, Nature, CEWE Photo Award
Fallen Nature
© Radoslaw Zubrycki


The Pool, Revisited, © Anders Andersson, Hobby and Leisure, CEWE Photo Award
The Pool, Revisited
© Anders Andersson
Hobby and Leisure


Regenbogenhäuser in Houten, © Kai Diederichs, Architecture and Infrastructure, CEWE Photo Award
Regenbogenhäuser in Houten
© Kai Diederichs
Architecture and Infrastructure


July 2018

Angler, © Viorel Munteanu, Hobby and Leisure, CEWE Photo Award
© Viorel Munteanu
Hobby and Leisure


Find me..., © Tomasz Kurda, People, CEWE Photo Award
Find me…
© Tomasz Kurda


Boots Everywhere, © Miroslav Černý, Architecture and Infrastructure, CEWE Photo Award
Boots Everywhere
© Miroslav Černý
Architecture and Infrastructure


June 2018

High Five, © Heidi Spiegler, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
High Five
© Heidi Spiegler


Tree, © Pavla Baťková, Nature, CEWE Photo Award
© Pavla Baťková


After Work in Japan, © Trung Tin Nguyen, People, CEWE Photo Award
After Work in Japan
© Trung Tin Nguyen


May 2018

Light and Rhythm, © Leyla Emektar, Travel and Cultur, CEWE Photo Award
Light and Rhythm
© Leyla Emektar
Travel and Cultur


Happy Life, © Lars Lykke, Animals, CEWE Photo Award
Happy Life
© Lars Lykke


On the Top, © Radomir Jakubowski, Nature, CEWE Photo Award
On the Top
© Radomir Jakubowski

Color Prospectus by SE Center for Photography
Color Prospectus by SE Center for Photography