Transformations Call For Entries by Pennsylvania Center for Photography

Transformations Call For Entries by Pennsylvania Center for Photography

Deadline: October 1, 2020
Entry Fee: $25
Prizes: $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $500, participation in the exhibition

The TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition is back for its 5th year, albeit in a bit of a different format that is dictated by these strange times. This year’s show will be all digital and will be presented on-line, but the principle is the same…

If you have been rejected from other shows or your work questioned because you use textures, composites, filters, or any of the other wonderful tools available to create your own vision, then you have found your home! Welcome to TRANSFORMATIONS, a juried exhibition that pays tribute to the vision and skills of photographers who freely express their creativity by whatever means they choose.

Photographers working in all genres are invited to submit work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. The subject matter can be anything you want – literally anything! People, places, things, visions, are all fine with us.

Apart from being an on-line show, there will be a number of other changes this year, including higher awards, to make things interesting:

  1. The award winners will be selected by the photographers who enter the show. Details are still being worked out, but the show will be pre-juried to its presentation size and then everyone who has entered will have the opportunity to select the award winners.
  2. We will be adding an award for Best Body of Work in the Transformative Category. Anyone entering 4 or more images will be automatically included for consideration for this award. The entries will be pre-juried to the top 5 entrants and then all of the photographers who have entered the exhibition will have the opportunity to select the winner.
  3. We will be constructing a “Winner’s Gallery” section on the PCP website, which will include all of the prize winners. Each will get her/his own page, which can contain an artist bio, contact info, and up to 20 sample images to help serve as a marketing tool for the photographer. (We may rename this new section, but you get the idea!)


  • The Transformative Category
    This is the general category that most people are likely to enter. The only requirement is that the images must have started life in your camera. You can modify or create the physical environment, apply in-camera techniques, shoot infrared, use composites, and/or use post processing to realize your own artistic reality. We are a very inclusive organization, so any degree of alteration from mild to extreme is welcome in our show. However, if the visual success of the image is clearly dependent on distinct image elements from someone else’s photography or art, or if more than 50% of the image is based on someone else’s photography or art, please use the Derivative Category.
  • The Derivative Category
    This replaces the former Unlimited Exhibition and is a special purpose category to recognize the outstanding works that include or are entirely composed of major copyrightable elements of an original, previously created first work. Two things are important… 1.) You may not violate someone else’s copyright – if you are doing derivative work, we assume you are aware of the legalities involved; 2.) The work must be photographically based. For example, a picture of the Mona Lisa with a beard drawn on it or photo realistic art drawn on a computer will not be considered.


Transformative Category

  • 1st Place – $500.00
  • 2nd Place – $250.00
  • 3rd Place – $150.00
  • Honorable Mention (2) – $75.00
  • Best Body of Work* – $250.00

* Best Body of Work may be combined with any other award.

Derivative Category

  • 1st Place – $200.00
  • 2nd Place – $100.00

* Derivative Category prizes are based on the historical number of entries in this area and may be increased if the number of entries changes significantly.

Additional awards may be added in either category dependent on sponsorship, which has been substantial in the past.


  • On-line submission starts: July 15, 2020
  • Deadline for entries: October 1, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: October 15, 2020 (approx.)
  • Exhibition Dates: November 7, 2020 – February 1, 2021

Entry Fee

  • The application fee for submitting two (2) images is $25.00
  • Each additional image is $5.00

If you would like to enter images for jurying in more than one of the exhibition categories, you may do so at the point of image submission.


The PCP will promote the show and, if a person is interested in purchasing a displayed work, the PCP will work as an intermediary to help facilitate the sale. Sales made via the on-line gallery are subject to a 70/30-commission rate (artist/gallery). The honor system applies if a client contacts the photographer directly as a result of the exhibition as sales commissions help keep the PCP viable.

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