Passepartout Photo Prize

Passepartout Photo Prize

Deadline: Juny 30, 2020
Entry fee: from €15 to €23
Prizes: €500, participation in the exhibition

Il Varco srls creates and organizes the first edition of the Passepartout Photography Prize, a sixmonthly online photography prize with cash prize, which will end with an annual exhibition of some of the finalists artists chosen by the art director.

Photographic works of all sizes are admitted. The competition is open to artists without limitation of age or place of origin.

The finalists will be inserted in the on-line gallery on the website indefinitely and will be able to compete for the winning of a six-monthly prize of € 500 that will always be awarded to a single picture. All the finalists will remain among the selectable artists for the annual exhibition.

The exhibition of the finalist works will take place in Rome, at the Galleria 28, located in Piazza di Pietra, in the historic center of the city, on a date to be defined, during the year 2021.


  • 30th June 2020 is the last day for registration for the prize. The response on the registration takes place within 48 hours
  • By the 31st July 2020, the six-monthly prize winning work will be announced
  • By the 5th January 2021 the protagonists of the annual exhibition will be selected


The € 500 prize will be awarded to one of the finalists of the edition. The winner will be announced by July 31, 2020.

Registration Fee

  • The registration fee, partially covering the organization costs, is Euro 15 for three works
  • It is possible to register additional works, up to a maximum of 7, with the additional payment of two euros per work (1-3 photos € 15 – 4 photos € 17 – 5 photos € 19 – 6 photos € 21 – 7 photos € 23)



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