New-Post Photography Award

New-Post Photography Award

Deadline: January 15, 2021
Entry Fee: €90
Prizes: participation in the exhibition

Award for contemporary photography

Following the success of the 1st Award Edition, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Edition of the New Post-Photography Award on the occasion of the next edition of the 2021 MIA Fair. This award is aimed at promoting the most creative and innovative trends in the world of contemporary photography. The Award is addressed to all artists, without any restrictions of age and nationality, who work with the medium of photography.

The winning artists will have the opportunity to exhibit free of charge during the tenth edition of MIA Fair (from 24 to 28 March 2021), at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in via Moncucco 35, Milan, in an exhibition dedicated to the “New-Post Photography” II Edition Prize.

We are also glad to announce you that for the 2021 edition, two awards have been added with the aim of promoting art photography. The new awards are the following ones:

  • Pubblication of Portfolio
    Represented by the publication of a portfolio in the magazine “Gente di Fotografia” which will be published in conjunction with the tenth MIA Fair edition.
  • Gallery Exhibition mc2 gallery
    A participating artist of the final exhibition of the “New-Post Photography” award will be selected by Vincenzo Maccarone and Claudio Composti (the directors of the mc2 gallery, based in Milan and Luštica Bay in Montenegro). The artist will then have the possibility to exhibit his work in a fair organized by them by 2022.

The “New-Post Photography” Award has the purpose to promote the languages of a new form of photography which is capable of exploring the contemporary world in an innovative way.

After the period of experimentation and reflection on the language of photography that marked the Sixties-Seventies-Eighties (MIA Fair 2021 will focus on Italian artists of that period), there are new emerging questions are emerging. How is photography changing in a world which is increasingly overcrowded with images? How does photography interact with the social media dynamic universe and with other art languages?

There are new emerging trends that aims at increasingly articulated in-depth analysis: either they privilege the use of new technologies in experimental ways or they try to reread and re-actualize their past and their memory by investigating their own history. And also does this “new-post photography” propose works based on built and staged sets or on researchesderived from a direct comparison with a world in continuous evolution?

A world marked by climate change, migration, war and social inequality, but also by a pandemic (like the Covid-19 pandemic) that we have seen with our own eyes and that has hit us very hard, determining new ways of feeling ourselves, of entering in contact with other people and of perceiving and exploring the spaces and the places where we live. How can photography deal with these issues by going beyond a superficial and purely illustrative logic to show hidden realities? How can itopen new questions or bring into play a visual language that can evoke a deeper meaning?

The aim of the Award is to make the “New-Post Photography” exhibition a significant “showcase”capable of recording and highlighting the changes taking place in the world of contemporary photography. This Award aims to become a platform that will give the winning artists visibility through an important exhibition event and also through other occasions listed in the Awards.

The final Award Jury will be composed of Gigliola Foschi (curator, professor and member of the MIA Fair Scientific Committee), Gabi Scardi (international contemporary art critic and curator, artistic director of the Nctm e l’arte project), Paolo Agliardi (architect, collector and founder of the CAP contemporary art projects), Carlo Sala (curator, professor, artistic director of the Festival Photo Open Up and member of the curatorial committee of the Fondazione Francesco Fabbri Onlus), Giorgio Zanchetti (art historian, professor, curator and member of the MUFOCO Board of Directors) and Claudio Composti (curator and artistic director of the mc2 gallery).

Award coordination by GigliolaFoschi / MIA Photo Fair.

Application Deadline: 15 January 2021.

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