Mobile Photography Awards 2018


Mobile Photography Awards

Mobile Photography Awards

Deadline: December 16, 2018
Entry fee: $15 for 1 Photo, $30 for 3 Photos, $50 for 6 Photos, $100 for 15 Photos
Prizes: $500, $3,000, valuable prizes

The Mobile Photography Awards were founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the talent and imagery of the mobile photo & art communities. Alongside our annual competition (October-December), we produce themed exhibits with international open calls throughout the year.


  • The Photo Essay
  • Architecture & Design
  • Black & White
  • Digital Fine Art
  • Eyes Of The World
  • Landscapes
  • Macro & Details
  • Nature & Wildlife
  • People Photos
  • Photo Journalism
  • Portraits
  • Silhouettes
  • Self-Portraits
  • Street Photography
  • Still Life
  • The Darkness
  • Transportation
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Visual Fx
  • Water/Snow/Ice

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Mobile Photography Awards 2017 Winners

Fairy Isles, © Nan Deng, Travel & Adventure Winner, MPA Grand Prize, Mobile Photography Awards
Fairy Isles
© Nan Deng
1st Place Travel & Adventure Winner
MPA Grand Prize


Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia & Herzegovina, © Michal Leja, 1st Place Photo Essay Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia & Herzegovina
© Michal Leja
1st Place Photo Essay Winner

In 1991, there were 37,213 people living in Srebrenica, of which roughly 75% were Bosnian Muslims & 25% Serbs. During the civil war in Bosnia & Herzegovina (1992-1995) the city became a UN-supervised security zone that was supposed to shelter thousands of Muslims from surrounding areas controlled by Bosnian Serbs.


Image of Structure, © Joshua Sarinana, 2nd Place Photo Essay Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Image of Structure
© Joshua Sarinana
2nd Place Photo Essay Winner

The Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, is seemingly alive. The reflective & angular elements of this structure are simultaneously sharp, definitive, & convoluted, & thus the building’s image can change moment-to-moment.


Sending Grandma to the Heavens, © Tee Lip Lim, 3rd Place Photo Essay Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Sending Grandma to the Heavens
© Tee Lip Lim
3rd Place Photo Essay Winner

My Grandma had a long battle dealing with her burnt skin & stroke which made her wheelchair-bound for as long as I can remember. She was trying to save her own house from a fire in Singapore, that lead to her condition. It is typical of her, the bold and irrational woman of the household, she was the alpha female.


Crossed Lines, © Joao Batista Sousa, 1st Place Architecture & Design Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Crossed Lines
© Joao Batista Sousa
1st Place Architecture & Design Winner


Nordic Saga, © Douwe Dijkstra, 1st Place Black & White Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Nordic Saga
© Douwe Dijkstra
1st Place Black & White Winner


Sharde, © Helen Breznik, 1st Place Digital Fine Art Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
© Helen Breznik
1st Place Digital Fine Art Winner


Love, © Jill Hamilton, 1st Place Eyes Of The World Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
© Jill Hamilton
1st Place Eyes Of The World Winner


Red Peak, © Nan Deng, 1st Place Landscapes Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Red Peak
© Nan Deng
1st Place Landscapes Winner


Morning Dream of a Butterfly, © Natalya Peshkova, 1st Place Macro & Details Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Morning Dream of a Butterfly
© Natalya Peshkova
1st Place Macro & Details Winner


Walking in the Cloud, © Yongmei Wang, 1st Place Nature & Wildlife Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Walking in the Cloud
© Yongmei Wang
1st Place Nature & Wildlife Winner


Born to be a Nomad, © Yongmei Wang, 1st Place People Photos Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Born to be a Nomad
© Yongmei Wang
1st Place People Photos Winner


Election Fury, Nairobi, © Neha Wadekar, 1st Place Photo Journalism Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Election Fury, Nairobi
© Neha Wadekar
1st Place Photo Journalism Winner


Affection, © Ag Ya, 1st Place Portraits Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
© Ag Ya
1st Place Portraits Winner


The Gourmand, © Antonia Andritch, 1st Place Silhouettes Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
The Gourmand
© Antonia Andritch
1st Place Silhouettes Winner


Make Peace with Yourself, © Paola Ismene, 1st Place Self-Portraits Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Make Peace with Yourself
© Paola Ismene
1st Place Self-Portraits Winner


Not Just Another Digit, © Laurence Bouchard, 1st Place Street Photography Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Not Just Another Digit
© Laurence Bouchard
1st Place Street Photography Winner


Half and Half, © Song Han, 1st Place Still Life Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Half and Half
© Song Han
1st Place Still Life Winner


Sub 42, © Rodrigo Rivas, 1st Place The Darkness Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Sub 42
© Rodrigo Rivas
1st Place The Darkness Winner


A London Moment, © Cara Gallardo Weil, 1st Place Transportation Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
A London Moment
© Cara Gallardo Weil
1st Place Transportation Winner


The Seamstress, © Jane Schultz, 1st Place Visual Fx Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
The Seamstress
© Jane Schultz
1st Place Visual Fx Winner


Iridescence of Youth and the Pink Swimming Togs, © Claire Doyle, 1st Place Water/Snow/Ice Winner, Mobile Photography Awards
Iridescence of Youth and the Pink Swimming Togs
© Claire Doyle
1st Place Water/Snow/Ice Winner


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