Meltdown 2019 by SlowArt


Meltdown by SlowArt

Meltdown by SlowArt

Deadline: April 30, 2019
Entry fee: $35 – 1 to 4 artworks, $5 – each additional artwork above four
Prizes: participation in the exhibition at the Limner Gallery, and on the gallery web site

We are living in an age of global crisis – of catastrophic MELTDOWN, a crisis the proportions of which, sadly, needs no description. Historically artists have foreseen, described and been inspired by crisis.

The subject of this exhibition is every aspect of the MELTDOWN crisis, be it global, personal, environmental, financial, psychological, scientific and/or spiritual.

Entry is open to all artists working in any media.



AstroCamera by Hevelianum
AstroCamera by Hevelianum