Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship

Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship

Deadline: May 3, 2019
Deadline Extended: June 3, 2019

Entry fee: $10 – $20
Prizes: $1,000, $2,500

Photographers make images. Visionaries teach you how to see. The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent with vision and dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. Our support of photography is broad, from Fine Art to Documentary and Photojournalism, to digital and film-based works. Our concern is to support emerging photographers producing work that is at once gripping, and original.

The Lucie Emerging Scholarships are open to emerging photographers 18 years and older, worldwide.  We define “emerging” as any photographer enrolled as a student, in the first five years of their photography career, or does not earn the majority of their income from photography.


Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship 2018 Winners

$2,500 Emerging Artist Scholarship

Cholitas Escaladoras, © Marzena Wystrach, Amateur, Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship
Cholitas Escaladoras
© Marzena Wystrach


Photo Made: $1000 Emerging Scholarship

Imagined Homeland, © Sharbendu De, Pro, Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship
Imagined Homeland
© Sharbendu De


Photo Taken: $1000 Emerging Scholarship

Duterte's War on Drugs is Not Over, © Ezra Acayan, Pro, Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship
Duterte’s War on Drugs is Not Over
© Ezra Acayan


Portraits Without Faces Call for Entries – PH21 Gallery
Portraits Without Faces Call for Entries - PH21 Gallery


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