Love In London Photography Competition

Love In London Photography Competition

Opening: February 4, 2020
Deadline: March 2, 2020
Entry fee: £3
Prizes: participation in the exhibition

Our Mission

Love in London is an organisation which aims to celebrate love in the capital. Each year, we raise funds for a chosen charity by sharing the very best of YOUR photographs, videos and images of love and positivity, from around London. We aim to share the moments that matter and promote optimism.

Who We Are

At Love In London, we are a collective of individual volunteers, many from CLiKD Dating App, and sponsors who believe that by spreading positive images of love, we can bring people together in one of the greatest cities in the world. We believe that sharing positive imagery can bring about real change and strengthen communities.

Rules of the Competition

The competition is open to all photographers and videographers (both amateur and professional).


  • Love London
    We all share this great city whether you live, work or play here, we want you to send us images of what you love most!
  • Love Your Community
    Any sweet moments in your local area? Maybe your neighbours go above and beyond? At a time when politics is dividing us we’d love to see more positivity!
  • Love Your Partner
    Is there someone in your life that can make even the greyest of London days bright again? Send us your images of love!
  • Love Your Animals
    Got a shot of dogs playing, pets becoming friends or you’ve captured a moment of urban wildlife then show us!
  • Love Your Friends
    Got some candid shots of your friends being themselves and showing a strong sense of togetherness, show us that unity.
  • Love What You Do
    If you are passionate about what you do, we want to see it! Whether it’s your job or your hobby, it can be an inspiration to us all!


  • Competition launches 09:00am (GMT) on 4th February 2020 and closes 23:59pm (GMT) on 2nd March 2020.
  • The winners will be announced in March 2020.

Entry Fee

  • Each entry will require a separate submission, and a minimum £3 contribution to Relate (per entry) is compulsory.

Multiple entries per person are allowed.

Students from selected institutions may qualify for free entry. Please contact Love in London Limited to find out if you or your students are eligible.

Image Rights & Uses

The photographer/videographer retains all copyright to their submitted images/videos.



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