Dreaming in Color Call for Entries – LightBox Photographic Gallery

Dreaming in Color Call for Entries - LightBox Photographic Gallery

Deadline: October 5, 2019
Entry fee: $10
Prizes: participation in the exhibition

We’ve been accused of showing only B&W photography at LightBox, that is actually far from the truth. We are very interested in everything, from Alt Process and Analog, to Digital and Inkjet, and with all of that, and in fine art photography, there is a lot of B&W.

So we’ve been thinking a lot about color. We invite you to enlighten the gallery and show us just that, lots of color. We are open to all types of imagery and all Photographic processes. We would simply like to see color images where the color element is pivotal.

We are delighted to have one of the most talented purveyors of color, Jody Miller, serving as juror for this Exhibit.

Color is a very personal issue for most of us photographers. It’s also a completely individual experience, since not one of us sees color exactly the same way as anyone else. Our perception of color informs our choices as photographers and creates our emotional language. “Dreaming in Color” is about much more than our dreams. It is an invitation to explore your own uses of color in your photography and tell us how it influences your decisions in image making. I look forward to seeing what you have to say, (in color).”
Jody Miller

Jody Miller has been a photographer for most of her life. She has studied with Ansel Adams, Arthur Ollman and Jerry Uelsmann and her photographs of landscape and cityscape have been featured in many publications. She has been featured in solo shows at Camerwork Gallery in Portland, the MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles, and LightBox Gallery in Astoria, with one image in the permanent collection of the Tate Gallery in London. Lens Culture named her one of “21 Great Female Photographers” in 2016 and she has won numerous awards both here in the US and internationally. She is a happy part time resident of Astoria, Oregon. Her website can be found at www.jodymillerphoto.com.

Submission Fee

10 for $10, Submit up to ten images for $10.

Hanging Fee

$25 per print for accepted work. Limit of $50.

Website: http://lightbox-photographic.com/call-for-entries/dreaming_in_color


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