My Corona Photo Contest

My Corona Photo Contest

Deadline: February 1, 2021
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: valuable prizes

In these extreme times we have been witness to a boom in creativity. We see the most amazing photos on social media and would like to show and honor people all over the world who are coping with their problems in special ways.

This contest is open to the world.

Everyone can participate.

Surprise our world-class jury with your photos.


  • Best Corona Photo
    All photos you share automatically qualify for this category
  • My Hero Photo
    Apart from saving lives, many doctors and other medical personnel surprised their patients with incredible acts of kindness. This category is for them.
  • My Indoor Daily Life
    Millions of people in lockdown, what happened in their daily life? New ways of cooking, doing sports, dressing up pets or just missing going out? What else?
  • My Mask Portrait
    The new reality for almost all people is the new dresscode: wearing a mask. We have seen many crazy and beautiful examples. What did you see?
  • My Outdoor Daily Life
    Photographers who were able to go outside saw incredible things. Our daily life changed wherever we go. Who can surprise our jury with the most?
  • My Love Photo
    Missing someone? Really got to know someone? Broken heart? Tears? Happiness? How have you managed your love life in the age of Coronavirus?
  • My Kid at Home
    Schools closed! Classes online. Parents have to help out and kids have to be patient with their parents. Or is it the other way around? How did you handle it?
  • My Empty City
    Cities in lockdown are a nightmare to all people, but sometimes a dream for photographers.
  • My Sad Truth
    With the deepest respect for all who suffered and keep suffering from the Corona Virus.
  • My (street) / Art Photo
    Your pets loved the Coronavirus with you being around all the time… but they also suffered a bit from your creativity and boredom.


All finalists (ten per category) and winners will get a prize. Winners and finalists will be contacted through social media and will be announced on our social media, website and through press releases. There will also be special mentions by our ambassadors.

Finalists and winners

Ten finalists per category will be announced by the end of September. We are looking for a special date in October to announce all winners during an event. We´ll keep you posted on that. We will contact all winners and finalists by Facebook or Instagram.

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