Artichoke – Winter Flower Photography Contest

Artichoke - Winter Flower Photography Contest

Deadline: September 30, 2020
Entry Fee: €10
Prizes: FIAP Blue Pin, FIAP, CEF, FCF Medals and Honor Mentions, Special Award, Diplomas


Grup Fotogràfic Santboià dPhoto’SB with the collaboration of the Sant Boi Town Hall, organizes the 3rd. International Photography Competition, “The Artichoke – 2020 Winter Flower”, with the recognition of FIAP, CEF Y FCF.


  • Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photoraphique (FIAP) 2020/256.
  • Confederación Española de Fotografía (CEF) I-2020/13
  • Federació Catalana de Fotografia (FCF) 2020/33
  • and will count towards the obtention of the titles FIAP, CEF and FCF, with their regulations.


  • Monochrome, free theme
  • Color, free theme
  • Climate and Environment
  • Artichoke – Winter Flower


  • Admission: Since May 1st, 2020 till September 30th, 2020
  • Jury Verdict: October 3th, 2020
  • Sending notifications: October 14th, 2020


The Jury is composed by three recognized members of Confederación Española De Fotografía and Federació Catalana De Fotografia and his verdict will be public and unappealable:

  • Lluis Remolà Pagès MFCF5* – MCEFb – EFIAP
  • Javier Checa Colmena MFCF5* -JBFCF- MCEFb
  • Bernardo Badenas Bueno MFCF1* – ECEF


Open to anyone, whether amateur or professional, of any nationality.


  • A maximum of four works per section.
  • The same photograph cannot be repeated in different sections.


In this contest, a total of 49 prizes will be awarded.

Main Award

Blue Pin (FIAP) to the best author of the Contest, which will be the one that achieves the highest number of selected photographs.

Special Award “Artichoke – Winter Flower (La Carxofa – Flor d’Hivern)

FIAP Gold Medal and Trophy “La Carxofa, flor d’hivern” to the best photography in the section “Artichoke – Winter Flower”.

General Awards per section

  • 1 FIAP Gold Medal (4 in total).
  • 1 CEF Silver Medal (4 in total).
  • 1 FCF Bronze Medal (4 in total).
  • 2 FIAP Honor Mentions (8 in total).
  • 2 CEF Honor Mentions (8 in total).
  • 5 Diplomas (20 in total)

Exhibition and Award Ceremony

The opening of the exhibition and awards ceremony will be held at Center Civic Can Massallera, Sant Boi de Ll. on November 14, 2020 at 12 noon. and the awarded works will be exhibited.


The contest catalog will be sent in pdf format and by telematic media as of January 2021.

Entry Fee

  • Participation fee will be 10 € per author, regardless of the number of sections in which it participates.
  • Group Fee: 8 € per participant (minimum of 10 participants).


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