Phone Photography Call for Submissions by Glasgow Gallery of Photography

Phone Photography Call for Submissions by Glasgow Gallery of Photography

Deadline: September 6, 2020
Entry Fee: £30
Prizes: participation in the exhibition

Hang up and shoot is a photography exhibition celebrating mobile phone or cell photography.

No sooner did phones begin masquerading as cameras or vice versa than people began using them as a means of creative expression, a documentary tool and a way to share art. Today, smartphones are the most popular cameras on the market, and photo-sharing is the Number one use of social media.

This exhibition brings together phone photographers from around the world to share their photographs in this unique photography exhibition. Phone photography is becoming more and more acceptable in the photography world so we want to see your work.

We want you to submit up to 5 of your best or favourite phone snaps, these can be anything, A sneaky street shot or a beautiful landscape, architecture or an abstract piece. Show us how you use your phone to document the world around you.

How to submit

  • Collect 5 of your favourite phone images, Make sure they are at least 240ppi and are JPEG ONLY and put your name on them johnsmith1.jpeg johnsmith2.jpeg
    (We use Loxley colour printers who recommend these sizes for best results)
  • Email your selected images via Wetransfer to with your name, and country of origin and an website for people to go see more of your work. Remember to tell us which exhibition you are entering!
  • If your image is selected we will email you and inform you and you can pay the participation fee of £30.00.
  • We will then prepare your image for print and exhibition in our gallery for the allowed time period as well as show your work on our website and social media.
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