Dhaka International Photo Awards

Dhaka International Photo Awards

Deadline: January 18, 2021
Entry Fee: from $12 to $16
Prizes: Medals, Ribbons & E-certificates

Dhaka Photo Awards is organized by Agile Photographic Society (APS), Bangladesh.

The entry of this salon is open to photographers all over the world. It will be organized under the approved rules of PSA, HPS, GPU, ISF, VARADINUM and the Agile Photographic Society. All acceptances will count for PSA, HPS, GPU, ISF, APS and VARADINUM and for inclusion in PSA Star Rating and “Who’s Who”.


  • Photographic Society of America (PSA 2021-1020)
  • Global Photographic Union (GPU L210027)
  • Hellenic Photographic Society (HPS 2021/06)
  • Image Sans Frontiere (ISF 01/2021)
  • Varadinum Foto Club, Romania (VARADINUM 01/2021)
  • Agile Photographic Society (APS 2021-001)


There are eight (8) sections, all DIGITAL:

  • Open Color (color digital) PSA PID Color
  • Open Monochrome (monochrome digital) PSA PID Monochrome
  • Nature (color/monochrome digital) PSA ND
  • Photo Travel (color/monochrome digital) PSA PTD
  • Photojournalism (color/monochrome digital) PSA PJD
  • Portrait & Body (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID Color
  • People & Life (color/monochrome digital) PSA PTD
  • Architecture & Landscape (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID Color

Each photo can be presented in only one section. When an entrant submits images which are significantly similar to each other, only one of the images will be accepted, even if the images are entered in different sections. Entries must originate as photographs made by the entrant. All techniques are permitted. In Nature and Travel sections the photos could be in color or/and monochrome.


  • PSA – Gold Medals, Ribbons
  • GPU – Gold Medals, Ribbons
  • ISF – Gold Medals
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Varadinum Gold Medal
  • e-Certificate for every Acceptance & Award

In recognition of the efficient management of the 2021 DHAKA PHOTO AWARDS, a number of PSA, GPU, HPS, ISF, APS and VARADINUM Medals will be awarded together with PSA, GPU & HPS Ribbons. A number of “e-Certificates” certificate will be awarded in each section. Accepted entries will be eligible for GPU, HPS, ISF and APS distinctions and the PSA’s “Who’s Who” and Star Ratings (PID Colour, PID Monochrome, Photo Travel, Nature & Journalism).


  • Closing date: 18 Jan 2021
  • Judging: 08 Feb 2021
  • Notification: 22 Feb 2021
  • On-Line Gallery: 08 Mar 2021
  • Submit EDAS Reports: 10 Mar 2021
  • Awards Sending: 26 Apr 2021

Entry fee

  • $12 USD – 4 sections
  • $16 USD – 8 sections

Bangladeshi Entrants will Pay Taka 1000 for 4 Sections and Taka 1350 for 8 Sections.


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