Tuŝis Hand-made and Manipulated Images – Dek Unu Arts

Tuŝis Hand-made and Manipulated Images - Dek Unu Arts

Deadline: August 1, 2019
Entry fee: 3 images – $15, 5 images – $20
Prizes: Participation in the Online Exhibition, Publication in the Book

Alt-process! Antiquarian! Montage! Experimental! Exotic!

Calling for images showing the artist’s touch…

Touched. Manipulated, Constructed, Changed, Shaped. Re-shaped. Tweaked, Frobnicated. Straightened. Distorted, Handled, Molded, Fixed,Transformed.

Subtle or dramatic, straight(ish) or strange, every artist’s touch shows a presence, a meaning, an intention, a “soul” beyond literal subject subject matter. Dek Unu is creating a collection of “manipulated” images for an exhibition of fine art photography that shows something of each artist’s singular soul.


Winners’ images and links become part of a full-color, hard-bound book of fine art photography available for sale online.

Images and links are included in an month-long online exhibition after which they become part of the permanent collection of Dek Unu Arts Gallery.

Three separate identity- and brand-building promotions occur during the exhibition’s run including announcements through own own network and Google News, Bing News, and artweek.com.

Dek Unu Arts sends press releases to artists’ news outlets or mailing lists on request.

Entry Fee

$15 USD for three images, $20 for 5.

About us

Dek Unu Arts publishes and promotes the work of fine art photographers in all photo genres and techniques, providing opportunities for exhibition and sales as well as resumé- and brand-building. Founded by photoartists to provide a respectable and respectful alternative to (and refuge from) more typical commercial outlets, we are committed to keeping costs low and services focused on providing “star-treatment” for our artists. We welcome adventurous and accomplished work from the international photography community and look forward to working with you.

Website: https://www.dekunuarts.com/


Rise International Photography Awards
Rise International Photography Awards


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