Glanzlichter International Competition of Nature-Photography

Glanzlichter International Competition of Nature-Photography

Deadline: January 5, 2021
Entry Fee: €20
Prizes: €250, €500, €2,500, valuable prizes

The competition is open to everyone who practices nature photography as a hobby or on a professional basis. The Fritz Poelking Award will be chosen from all submissions to category 5.

Young photographers up to the age of 17 may participate in all categories. The Junior Award will be selected from all entries.

The copyright always remains with the photographer.

In each category, 5 (five) images can be entered — in total not more than 25 images.

Images of pets, multiple exposures or digital manipulated images are not eligible to enter this competition.


  • Magnificent Wilderness
  • The Beauty of Plants
  • Nature as Art
  • Artists on Wings
  • The World of Mammals
  • Diversity of all other Animals
  • Moments in Nature
  • Aerial Views of Nature
  • Fritz Polking Award
  • Junior Award
  • All Over Winner


  • Deadline is 5th January 2021, 24.00 hours — dated by postmark
  • At 25th January 2021: Images, which have been selected by the jury into the final round, will be requested.
  • Until 1nd February 2021: Images have to be submitted (regarding this, see in detail “Online participation”).
  • At 5th February 2021: Immediately after the winning images have been selected, the winners will be notified. They will have to submit further information on their images.
  • Until 12th February 2021: These information have to be submited.
  • Until 8th March 2021: All submissions will be returned together with a documentation of the competition.


In total, prizes worth more than €28,000 can be won which includes cash prizes of more than €12,000 and special prizes worth €16,000.

  • In categories 1-8 a Winner and nine Highlights will be chosen. The category winners will receive €500 each and in addition a trophy and a Glanzlichter book, each.
    The category highlights will receive €50 and a Glanzlichter book, each.
  • In addition, the Fritz Poelking Award will be awarded. The winner of the Fritz Poelking Award will receive €250, the DVF medal in bronze, a book by Fritz Poelking and a Glanzlichter book.
  • A Junior Award Winner and two Highlights in every age category will be chosen.
    The Junior Award winner will receive €500, a trophy, the DVF medal in silver and a Glanzlichter book.
    The four highlights will receive €50 each and a Glanzlichter book, each.
  • One All Over Winner will be chosen.
    The All Over Winner will receive €2,500, a trophy, the DVF medal in gold and a Glanzlichter book.

All winners will be invited to the presentation ceremony.

The presentation ceremony of Glanzlichter will be held during the 23. International Fuerstenfeld Nature Photography Days in Fuerstenfeldbruck from 22nd — 25th April 2021.

Present winners will receive a CEWE-photobook with all winning pictures and with their winning picture on the title. In addition present winners will join the following gala dinner.

The winning images will be presented at a touring exhibition, they will be published in the Glanzlichter book and shown online at

Entry Fee

€20 per participant

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