Photo Is Light World Photography Contest

Photo Is Light World Photography Contest

Deadline: February 28, 2021
Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: $500, $1,000, Digital Certificates

Just like you, we love photography. We love to see magnificent images captured in a unique moment. They fill our eyes with beauty. They fill our eyes with light.

Photo is the light we always want to see! That’s why we created this contest. Celebrate photography with us!


All photographers – professionals, amateurs and students – of any age, from anywhere in the world, may participate of Photo Is Light contest.


The photographer can capture the images using aerial or macro photography, using time lapse or panoramas, at any time of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) or day (daylight, night, sunrise, sunset) … every image is welcome.

  • Landscape
    Features large expanses of outdoor land or water spaces of the world. The images here are meant to feature the grand scale of nature bringing the viewer into a scene. It can also feature environmental photography, and includes images of any kind of biome. Astrolandscapes including Milky Way and star trails with a piece of land or water in the foreground are also included in this genre.
  • People
    Pictures depicting the mood, personality, and expression of a person or group of people in the broader sense of People Photography, encompassing subgenres such as Portrait, Candid (unposed), Family, Maternity, Newborn, Beauty/Fashion, Wedding, Glamour, Lifestyle, Boudoir, Nude. As pets are an important part of many families, Pet Photography is accepted under this topic. Travel photography when documenting the culture, custom, and people of a destination location, is also in this category.
  • Nature
    Focuses on animals, animal behaviors and plants in their natural habitat, not only in land, but also the unique hidden beauty of underwater creatures. Pictures of tamed animals or animals in captivity are not be accepted.
  • Photojournalism
    Images that document an event or story as it is unfolding, upholding fidelity to reality, being honest and impartial in telling the story as an unaltered reality. In this genre we include Events (coverage of special occasions, parties, meetings, shows, parades and other celebrations), Sports (decisive moments in sporting events as they unfold), Street (capturing slices of life and the human condition in public), Travel (images of striking similarities and differences among people around the world, making us feel more connected and aware of how other people live), War (coverage of armed conflicts and their outcomes on places and people), Documentary (shedding light on important little-known events, celebrating best examples of humanity, or simply document a place or culture).
  • Architecture
    Portrays the aesthetics and the feeling of being around a man built environment. It also includes Cityscape Photography (a representation of the physical aspects of a city, metropolis or urban area; the urban equal of a landscape) and Urban Exploration (images of abandoned places and spaces).
  • Fine Art
    Images that are rooted in the artistic or subjective vision of the photographer, where creativity takes the lead. It can include Abstract (images that have no true meaning, focusing on shape, pattern, color, form and texture), Conceptual (images based on a concept or preconceived idea created by the photographer), Surreal (images based on disorientation, hallucinatory, and bizarre imagination), Still Life images of inanimate objects), Bodyscape (images of parts of the human body), Composite (combining visual elements from separate sources) or any other creative image.

Awards and Prizes

  • The highest score awarded by the judges receives the Illuminated Photographer Award + cash prize of US$ 500 (five hundred american dollars), plus the category award.
  • The image with the highest score in each of the 6 categories receives the 1st Place Award + cash prize of US$ 500 (five hundred american dollars).
  • The images with the second and third highest scores in each of the 6 categories receive, respectively, the 2nd Place and 3rd Place Awards.
  • Images with the fourth to tenth highest scores in each category receive the Top 10 Awards.
  • The 60 (sixty) images mentioned above receive a digital Certificate.


  • Discount payment deadline: September 30th, 2020.
  • Final deadline: February 28th, 2021.
  • Judgement deadline: March 09th, 2021.
  • Finalists evaluation deadline: March 23th, 2021.
  • Winners announcement: March 24-25th, 2021.
  • Prizes payment: March 26-31th, 2021.

Registration Fees

  • Entry fees until September 30th, 2020: US$ 10 (ten american dollars) per image.
  • Entry fees from October 1st, 2020: US$ 13 (thirteen american dollars) per image.

Copyright and Usage Rights

Copyright of the images remains at all times with the photographer.

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