Aerial Photography Awards

Aerial Photography Awards

Deadline: September 20, 2020
Entry Fee: from $20 to $65
Prizes: $300, $1,000, $2,000, Titles, participation in the online exhibition

Aerial Photography Awards invite photographers from around the world, whether they take photos from a high point of view or use tools such as drones, helicopters, hang gliders, Kites, winders, masts, all sizes of aircraft, to participate in its 2020 Competition by submitting their aerial photographs, no matter where in the world they were taken, in 6 categories and 24 sub-categories:


  • Urban
    For aerial photographs showcasing works, constructions, and machines made by humans.
    Sub-Categories: Architecture •Cityscapes • Constructions • Industrial • Transportation
  • Nature
    For aerial photographs presenting natural landscapes and/or animals.
    Sub-Categories: Landscapes • Waterscapes • Wildlife • Forests
  • People
    For aerial photographs presenting everyday life and people.
    Sub-Categories: Daily life • World culture • Self promotion
  • Fine Art
    For aerial photographs that resemble works of art.
    Sub-Categories: Abstract • Patterns • Digitally enhanced • Other
  • Editorial
    For aerial photographs that have appeared in the press, in a newspaper, magazine, website, or on social media within or in the form of journalistic content.
    Sub-Categories: Sports • Documentary • Environmental • Travel
  • Real Estate
    For aerial photographs that are taken for the purpose of promoting or selling real estate.
    Sub-Categories: Hotels • Accommodations • Other


The photographers and photographs that will have earned the most points during the Jury’s votes will receive the following titles:


  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020

Category Awards

  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    Urban Category
  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    Nature Category
  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    People Category
  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    Fine Art Category
  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    Editorial Category
  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020
    Real Estate Category
  • 1st place, 2nd place in each category.

Sub-Category Awards

  • Aerial Photography of the Year 2020
  • 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place
  • + Special Mentions in each sub-category.

Cash prizes

  • Aerial Photographer of the Year 2020 – $2,000
  • For Each Category Award Winner – $1,000
  • For Each Category Award – 2nd Place – $300

Online exhibition

The winning photographs will be displayed on our site, and in the feeds of our Instagram partners (1+ million followers).

Entry Fees

  • 1 photo – $20
  • 3 photos – $30
  • 5 photos – $40
  • 10 photos – $65

You can submit more or less photos.
The fee is $20 or €20 for the first photo submitted, and $5 or €5 for the following ones.

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