Open Theme Photo Submissions by NOICE

Open Theme Photo Submissions by NOICE

Deadline: August 31, 2020
Entry Fee: $8
Prizes: participation in the online exhibition, promotion

There’s no limit to the number of submissions you wish to send. Feel free to submit multiple times throughout the year. Submissions that are accepted will be featured through our social sites which reach 3-4 million worldwide per year, considered for future publishing in the next issues of NOICE, and also candidates to be displayed on the Standard Vision LA Billboard in downtown Los Angeles.


  • Open to everyone
  • Please rename your files as firstname-lastname-number
  • Keep each JPEG file under 10mb
  • Max of 10 photos per submission
  • Submission fee of $8
  • Bonus gift at the end of submission process


NOICE is a photography community and print shop for photographers that have a meticulous eye for humor, beauty and curiosity. A keen eye for pattern, light, color, humor, and allegory are the key ingredients in what we publish. The work we publish, through visual or written mediums, strives to unite the arts, not divide them.

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