Music to the World Photography Contest – Geraldine Taylor

Music to the World Photography Contest - Geraldine Taylor

Opening: September 18, 2019
Deadline: January 28, 2020
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: $50

The theme of this photography contest is music

Music is a universal language that has the capacity to touch lives and unite people from all over the world. Music interlinks with a whole variety of art forms including photography. In collaboration with Talented Showcase 1, founded by songwriter Geraldine Taylor, this contests welcomes entries from across the globe.

The contest is open for photographers to submit a maximum of three high resolution photographs on the theme of music.

Participants are invited to submit photographs that include musical concepts, such as musical instruments, dancing people, musical events and the like.


  • $50 Cash Reward/Gift Card

The amount of winners is limited to 5.


The contest is open for entries from 18 September 2019 to 28 January 2020.

Terms and Conditions

Copyright in all submissions is retained by photographer but a non-exclusive license is granted in perpetuity to Talented Showcase 1 and Geraldine Taylor for the use of all submissions in print, online and for exhibition.



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