Most Beautiful Country 2019


“Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest of the Russian Geographical Society

Most Beautiful Country

Deadline: March 31, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: the award in each category carries a cash prize of 250,000 rubles, valuable prizes

“Most Beautiful Country”, the photo contest of the Russian Geographical Society, is dedicated to preserving the wild nature of Russia and promoting an attitude of care towards the environment through the art of photography.


    Photographs reveal the identity of the peoples of Russia who have been able to preserve their distinctive identities, cultures, household traditions, handicrafts and centuries-old ties of generations with nature in the age of information and modern technologies.
    Ethnographic portrait of the peoples of Russia; large-scale portraits of people are also accepted.
    Pictures showing the greatness and diversity of the Russia’s nature.
    Pictures of wild animals caught in unique moments of their life in their natural habitat.
    Pictures of wild birds, their beauty, interaction with each other and the environment
    Photos taken from underwater and showing the underwater world – its flora, fauna and landscapes, as well as unique underwater objects, shipwrecks, etc.
    Pictures allowing admiring views from high in the sky: landscapes, animals, settlements, etc. The works submitted should not distort the real picture of what is happening.
    Photographs depicting the underworld and its inhabitants.
    The aim of this category is to draw attention to the objects of material and spiritual culture of our country created by past generations and of value to contemporaries.
    Pictures of funny and unusual moments from the life of wild animals.
    Photos showing positive examples of interaction between humans and nature: people helping wild animals, saving forests from drought and fire, combating poaching, etc.
    Pictures that show the elegance and complexity of the world that can hardly be visible to the naked eye.

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Most Beautiful Country 2017 Winners

Parallel Worlds, © Vladislav Sokolovsky, Winner in category Landscape, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Parallel Worlds
© Vladislav Sokolovsky
Winner in category Landscape


Hid, © Denis Budkov, Winner in category Wild Animals, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
© Denis Budkov
Winner in category Wild Animals


Rose morning, © Sergey Belykh, Winner in category Birds, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Rose morning
© Sergey Belykh
Winner in category Birds


Live Flashlight, © Vitaly Matveyev, Winner in category Macroworld, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Live Flashlight
© Vitaly Matveyev
Winner in category Macroworld


Octopus and its environment, © Andrey Shpatak, Winner in category Underwater World, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Octopus and its environment
© Andrey Shpatak
Winner in category Underwater World


The Yamal circle dance, © Svetlana Gorbatykh, Winner in category Russia In The Bird's-Eye View, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
The Yamal circle dance
© Svetlana Gorbatykh
Winner in category Russia In The Bird’s-Eye View


Star of the North, © Egor Nikiforov, Winner in category From Sunset To Dawn, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Star of the North
© Egor Nikiforov
Winner in category From Sunset To Dawn


Ice river, © Marina Malikova, Winner in category Caves, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Ice river
© Marina Malikova
Winner in category Caves


Crystal flowers, © Daniella Pomazova, Winner in category Young photographer, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Crystal flowers
© Daniella Pomazova
Winner in category Young photographer


No Hope, © Yuri Smitjuk, Winner in category World In Our Hands, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
No Hope
© Yuri Smitjuk
Winner in category World In Our Hands


A look through the old window, © Valery Gorbunov, Winner in category Cultural Heritage, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
A look through the old window
© Valery Gorbunov
Winner in category Cultural Heritage


Fisherwoman, © Yulia Popova, Winner in category Peoples Of Russia, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
© Yulia Popova
Winner in category Peoples Of Russia


Best friends, © Dmitry Arkhipov, Winner in category People's Choice Award, “Most Beautiful Country” Photo Contest
Best friends
© Dmitry Arkhipov
Winner in category People’s Choice Award


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