International Nature Photography Contest by MontPhoto

International Nature Photography Contest by MontPhoto

Deadline: April 30, 2019
Entry fee: €20, age of 18 – free
Prizes: €300, €2,000, €6,000, exhibition production, diplomas

The international contest of Nature Photography MontPhoto 2019 opened to amateurs and professionals from all around the world and organized by the MontPhoto Association.

Since 1997, our mission is to recognize the value, to promote and to broadcast the art of photography and to contribute to the environmental defense.

The contest rewards the excellence in the photographs. We want to see innovating and inspiring images. We look for unknown places, new visions of the living beings, surprising behaviours or reinterpretations of all that is already known. Your sight documents the diversity, the beauty, the mystery and the fragility of life on our planet.

MontPhoto aims to encourage respect and care for Nature; this is the reason why pictures presented to the contest must reflect fidelity to the natural situations, respecting the originality of the scenery, the conservation of the living beings in their habitat, avoiding their suffering and the perturbation or the interferences in their behaviour.


  • Mountain
    Mountain Activity
  • Nature
    Other Animals
    Plant Life
  • Technic
    Underwater World
  • Ecological Report
    Ecological Report
  • Art
    Art in Nature

Each author can participate with a maximum of 25 photographs that can be distributed across the different contest categories.


From the 109 selected photographs by the jury will be delivered cash awards with a value of more than 23.000€, distributed as follows:

General Awards

  • WWF Grant: 6000€ and exhibition production (see grant rules).
  • MontPhoto 2019 Honour Award: 2.000€ and diploma.
  • The winner of each category: 300€ and diploma.
  • Eight Highly Commended awards by category: Diploma.

Special Awards

  • Special Award Girona’s region: 300€ and diploma.
  • Special Award Lloret de Mar: 300€ and diploma.
  • Olympus Special Award “Be free”: 300 € and diploma

Young Awards

  • 6 Awards in young category (until 14 years old): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.
  • 6 Awards in young category (15-17 years old): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.


  • 2 awards given to the best photographs of its members to all contest categories..

All runner-ups will receive a copy of the book “Inspired by Nature 2019”, an invitation to the Gala Awards ceremony, VIP access to all MontPhoto Festival activities.



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