Mobile Professional Awards

Mobile Professional Awards

Deadline: December 21, 2020
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: annual WPPO membership, access to a service, diplomas

Over the decades, professional photography has made several revolutions: first the discarding of film photography, then the transition from reflex cameras to mirrorless equipment.

We believe that the the most important in photography is the photographer. He is the one who sees the image, anticipates the development of events and directs the shooting process. Thereafter, he selects and processes photos, and only then he hands them over to the customer.

Nowadays social networks and marketplaces are becoming one of the main communication channels. This is where up to 90% of all professional images are used. That is why we offer professional photographers to try using their smartphone to create high-quality content that can be considered as a commercial photo.

Works in the genre in which you work and with natural and artificial light are accepted for the competition. We also consider works that a potential client is willing to pay money for in order to post them in social networks (both personal and business).

The competition is open for photos of any genre taken using either or both natural and studio lightning.


  • Portrait
    Any portrait photos: on the street, in a cafe, doing sports, etc.
  • Family
    Family holidays, walks with children, photo shoots at home, etc.
  • Beauty
    Photos of hairstyles and styling, manicure, make-up, etc.
  • Interior
    Works that we all see on Airbnb, Booking, and other rental marketplaces.


  • The winners of the nominations receive an annual WPPO membership.
  • Top 100 photographers get access to a new service to sell their photo services (in development).
  • Mobile professional Awards participant diploma


  • We only accept photos taken in 2020 on a mobile phone (the finalists and prize-winners of the competition will be asked for the source files).
  • In the description for the photo, please indicate what particular smartphone was used.
  • Participants can upload five photos each.

Preferences are given to works that are made by professional photographers (have a personal website, or offer services through social networks).


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