Instability and Precariousness Call for Exhibition

Instability and Precariousness Call for Exhibition

Deadline: December 7, 2020
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: participation in the exhibition in Rome or Milan

Instability and precariousness are concepts that characterize the modern era. The way we experience everyday life responds to a consumerist logic. This logic sees the precariousness of the state of things as urgency in seizing or abandoning the useful object that meets our needs. It’s the same for what we now call “relational consumerism”.

Instability refers to the idea of precarious balance that concerns every type of physical, physiological / corporal and mental structure. The psychic and emotional sphere is therefore also taken into consideration in the contemplation of the concept of instability: instability understood as an anomaly of temper due to excessive receptivity for impulses of an affective or instinctive order, and characterized by frequent changes in mood and emotional state.

Accepted media

  • Photography
  • Digital Visual Design
  • Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. March 2021

Free Entry

Photographers, Visual Designers and Video artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 works addressing the theme


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