Latin American Documentary Photography Contest

Latin American Documentary Photography Contest

Deadline: September 18, 2020
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: $750

People over 14 years of age, of any occupation or nationality, can participate. Students, amateurs or professional photographers.

The participation of groups or collectives is accepted but it is necessary to choose a representative to complete the form and clarify their conformity with the text of the photographs.

People who have been selected or winners in previous versions can participate.


The subject of the photographs must revolve around human beings (regardless of age, sex or race) doing some kind of job or trade. This does not mean that works where the human presence is implicit through objects or matter cannot be sent, but it will be the jury who decides on the relevance of these treatments.

In essence, our proposal seeks to focus the gaze of photographers on the human factor as a fundamental protagonist of the production process. In this edition, we especially invite photographers to emphasize the labor consequences of the pandemic in Latin America, including aspects such as confinement, the reinvention of work, telework, underemployment, informality, precariousness, migration and Unemployment.

There are 3 categories at the Latin American level and a Special Category for Colombia on Rural Work.

  • Working Women
  • Working Men
  • Health Works
  • Domestic Work and Economics of Care
  • Rural Work (Special category for Colombia)

Number of Works and Series

Each contestant has the right to submit a maximum of five (5) works in total, either these individual photos or series.

If you want to participate in several categories, you can distribute the 5 works as you prefer.

Remember that a work can be an individual photograph or a series of maximum 5 images.


The selected photographs will be submitted to the consideration of an International Award Jury, made up of three renowned personalities from the photographic and documentary medium.

There are four Latin American awards and a Special Award on Rural Work specific to Colombia.

  • Working Women Award – US 750
  • Working Men Award – US 750
  • Household Work and Economics Award – US 750
  • Health Works Award – US 750
  • Special Prize for Colombia Rural Work – $ 1,500,000 (COP)

The awards will be held on October 15, 2020.

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