Introspective Matter Call for Entry – L.A. Photo Curator

Introspective Matter Call for Entry - L.A. Photo Curator

Deadline: December 29, 2019
Entry fee: $20 for 3 images
Prizes: Q&A with curator, participation in the online exhibition

Curator: Michael Kirchoff

An independent curator & juror for Critical Mass, Editor-in-Chief at Analog Forever Magazine, and has recently founded the online photographer interview website, Catalyst: Interviews.

The objects of our past, the forms of nature, or the gadgets of a modern life are all the effects that capture our attention and force us to memorialize them in our photographs. They seize the light that gives them structure and uphold the memories that give us our past. What is it that commands your attention enough to show the world how you feel and how you refine the tactile qualities of what intrigues you in the form of a still life photograph? For this exhibition, all types of process or method are accepted, with the play of light and form being the defining traits that receive greatest admiration.”

$20 for 3 images. ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV. Early entries are featured on L.A. Photo Curator’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

First Place winner receives Q&A with curator. Curator reviews first place winner. One or more past curators may contribute reviews as well. 10% of artist fees goes to the first place winner’s charity. The first place image shows on our splash page for a month.

Call for Entry

ALL entrants work is exhibited in a group online exhibition. Each entrant is asked to submit 3 images so they can have their own page with their images, bio, artist statement and contact info.

The curator chooses one first place winner, one second place winner and three-five honorable mentions. The first place winner will receive a review by one or more curators including a Q&A about the photographer’s work. In addition, their image will be on our home page for a month. Second place and honorable mentions will have their image shown along with their bio, artist statement, C.V. and a link back to their website.



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