Montage Photography Competition – JUPC

Montage Photography Competition - JUPC

Deadline: February 10, 2020
Entry fee: from $5 (INR 100) to $15 (INR 400)
Prizes: INR5,000, INR10,000, INR30,000, valuable prizes, certificates

JUPC has been celebrating its photography competition and exhibition, for the last ten editions under the banner of ‘Montage’. Continuing the tradition, in its eleventh iteration, the Photography Contest and Exhibition opens as a platform for photography-enthusiasts all over the world to share their interests to the people of Kolkata and a panel of distinguished judges through their photographic works.

Participants can submit their portfolios for both open and the thematic sections under the categories – single image and photostory. This time we are also introducing another category for a short film in the thematic section.


Montage ’20 is open to all, over the age of 10.


Photography as an art form is inherently linked to Time. Montage ’20 aims at exploring the various ways in which photography and Time can intersect or even interact with each other. Based on the duration of exposure, photographs can capture fleeting moments as well as prolonged time periods. Photographs can also supplement or even replace memory, as Susan Sontag had claimed. But how so? Also can photography relate to how we perceive and write historical narratives? Is it a mere impartial tool for documentation or is it governed by underlying ideologies?

Montage ’20 aims at providing a platform to people all over the world interested in presenting photographic works pertinent to their perspective of the relation between time and photography.


  • Cash Prizes of INR 30,000 for photo-series category.*
  • Cash Prizes of INR 10,000 for single photo category.*
  • Cash Prizes of INR 5,000 for short-film category.*
  • 10 Single Image and 10 Photo Story submissions will be exhibited in Jadavpur University Campus.**
  • Exciting gifts and goodies for participants whose photos are selected for exhibitions.
  • Certificates for all short-listed submissions.

*This is in total for all categories and winners.

Entry Fee

Single Image

Submit a maximum of 5 images (Open and Thematic)

  • INR 100 – Indian Nationals, USD 5 – Non-Indian Nationals

Photo Story

Submit a photo-story of 6-12 images (Open or Thematic)

  • INR 300 – Indian Nationals, USD 10 – Non-Indian Nationals

Short Film

Submit a short-film of upto 7 mins (Only Thematic)

  • ​INR 400 – Indian Nationals, USD 15 – Non-Indian Nationals



Innovate Grant
Innovate Grant


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