iPhone Photography Awards 2018 Winners

IPPAWARDS – iPhone Photography Awards


© Jashim Salam, Bangladesh, Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Jashim Salam, Bangladesh
Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year

“Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp in Ukhiya.”

Location: Ukhiya, Bangladesh
Shot on iPhone 7


© Alexandre Weber, Switzerland, 1st Place, Photographer of the Year, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Baiana in yellow and blue
© Alexandre Weber, Switzerland
1st Place, Photographer of the Year

“The picture was taken in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, spontaneously, after a truck drove by. The woman with traditional clothes of a “baiana”, was looking after the truck, during her work break.”

Location: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 6S


Eye to eye, © Huapeng Zhao, China, 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Eye to eye
© Huapeng Zhao, China
2nd Place, Photographer of the Year

“I met this boy while walking at the seaside. When I was trying to take a picture of him, he put the fish he caught in front of his eye.“

Location: YanTai ShanDong province, China
Shot on iPhone 6


I want to play, © Zarni Myo Win, Myanmar, 3rd Place, Photographer of the Year, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
I want to play
© Zarni Myo Win, Myanmar
3rd Place, Photographer of the Year

“A young boy who lost his leg was watching his friends play soccer, and he said he wanted to play soccer if he could.”

Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


Corrugations, © Glenn Homann, Australia, 1st Place – Abstract, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Glenn Homann, Australia
1st Place – Abstract

“I was looking to take some photos in a rather cluttered, messy industrial space. As I became more frustrated at the lack of interesting images, my eye honed in on smaller details. A simple and striking black and white image of cardboard scraps resulted.”

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Shot on iPhone X


“Django” Old man baby dog, © Robin Robertis, United States, 1st Place – Animals, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
“Django” Old man baby dog
© Robin Robertis, United States
1st Place – Animals

“Django is a Shaolin Temple Terrier, born and raised in a Buddhist monastery in the northern province of Hunan China. Django likes long walks on the beach and listening to Miles Davis.”

Location: Carlsbad, California
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


Rampage, © Massimo Graziani, Italy, 1st Place – Architecture, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Massimo Graziani, Italy
1st Place – Architecture

“A stair ramp from Rome in Via Allegri.”

Location: Rome, Italy
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


Spray Fury, © Melisa Barrilli, Canada, 1st Place – Children, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Spray Fury
© Melisa Barrilli, Canada
1st Place – Children

“My daughter was wearing her ballet leotard and she was spraying her siblings and herself.”

Location: Toronto, Canada
Shot on iPhone 5S


Light, © Alison Helena, United States, 1st Place – Floral, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Alison Helena, United States
1st Place – Floral

“I was parking to do my weekly grocery shopping and saw the amazing light on the wall and flowers”

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Shot on iPhone 7


Human vs. Nature, © Charles Thomas, United States, 1st Place – Landscape, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Human vs. Nature
© Charles Thomas, United States
1st Place – Landscape

“I’ve always been fascinated with the view out of an airplane window. On this afternoon, I was lucky enough to get a window seat on a return trip from Las Vegas. I watched the landscape slowly transform from cityscape to rows of identical suburban houses, to surreal desert- scape.”

Location: Between Nevada and Arizona
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus


Mrs. Sancheski, © Natalia Garcés, Spain, 1st Place – Lifestyle, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Mrs. Sancheski
© Natalia Garcés, Spain
1st Place – Lifestyle

“This day I opened my second exhibition, there was a lot of atmosphere and good friends. Mrs. Sancheski is the mother of three children, unique, urban and stylish.“

Location: Alcalá de Henares , Madrid, Spain
Shot on iPhone 7


Morning Fog, © Sukru Mehmet Omur, France, 1st Place – Nature, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Morning Fog
© Sukru Mehmet Omur, France
1st Place – Nature

Location: Toulouse France
Shot on iPhone 6S


Iftar Amongst the Ruins, © Mohammed Badra, Syria, 1st Place – News/Events, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Iftar Amongst the Ruins
© Mohammed Badra, Syria
1st Place – News/Events

“During a lull in the bombings, Syrians gather, seated on a long 1200-meter row of tables set up amongst the ruins of Douma, for a public Iftar, the evening meal at the end of the daily Ramadan fast.”

Location: Douma, Syria
Shot on iPhone 7


Sky Portal, © Amy Nelson, United States, 1st Place – Other, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Sky Portal
© Amy Nelson, United States
1st Place – Other

“I took this photo at the 39th Annual Wright Kite Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC, where 30-100 foot kites were on display amidst clouds and drizzle.”

Location: Wright Brothers National Park, North Carolina
Shot on iPhone SE


Icebergs, © Mateusz Piesiak, Poland, 1st Place – Panorama, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Mateusz Piesiak, Poland
1st Place – Panorama

“In summer the sun is above the horizon nearly all day where Vatnajökull glacier meets the Atlantic Ocean.”

Location: Iceland
Shot on iPhone 6 Plus


Posers, © Jonas Wyssen, Switzerland, 1st Place – People, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Jonas Wyssen, Switzerland
1st Place – People

“Brazilian tourist posing in front of a small catholic chapel taking a tourists photo.”

Location: Praia de Carneiros Pernambuco, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


Salamah, © Scott Woodward, Singapore, 1st Place – Portrait, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Scott Woodward, Singapore
1st Place – Portrait

“Moken village elder, Salamah, wearing his hand- carved wooden dive goggles on the beach at Au Bon Yai, a tiny island community of about 300 sea gypsies off the coast of Phang Nga, Thailand.”

Location: Ko Surin, Thailand
Shot on iPhone 6S


Diner, © Fiona Bailey, United Kingdom, 1st Place – Still Life, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
© Fiona Bailey, United Kingdom
1st Place – Still Life

Location: London, England
Shot on iPhone 7


Dandelion sunset, © Sara Ronkainen, Finland, 1st Place – Sunset, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Dandelion sunset
© Sara Ronkainen, Finland
1st Place – Sunset

“In central Finland, where summer days are long and sunsets beautiful. I was out walking by a lake one evening, and saw dandelions floating in the breeze. Feeling inspired, I picked one, held it up and used it as a filter through which to capture the last rays of the day’s sun.”

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Shot on iPhone 5s


Silk Road, © Anna Aiko, Japan, France, 1st Place – Travel, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Silk Road
© Anna Aiko, Japan, France
1st Place – Travel

“This photo was taken on the first day of my departure for the desert of Gobi, on the Silk Road. On the road I got lost with my two Mongolian men, driver and guide, and we found ourselves in this area known for the very first traces of dinosaurs. The atmosphere was magical, in the vast desert with plains and mountains.”

Location: Mongolia
Shot on iPhone 6S


Road of Tuscany, © Lidia Muntean, Romania, 1st Place – Trees, IPPAWARDS - iPhone Photography Awards
Road of Tuscany
© Lidia Muntean, Romania
1st Place – Trees

“This photo was taken near Pienza and Montalcino.”

Location: Val D’Orcia
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


IPPAWARDS – iPhone Photography Awards



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