Ikei Photo Contest 2018


Ikei Photo Contest

Ikei Photo Contest

Opening: October 15, 2018
Deadline: December 31, 2018
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €300, €600, €1,000

IKEI Photo Contest is an international competition of social and company photography characterised by a clear testimonial approach adopted in the context of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of IKEI research & consultancy, SA, an international company with an experience of more than 2,500 projects developed in collaboration with more than 600 clients.

Each participant may submit a maximum of two photographs per category. It is possible to participate in either or both of the two categories.


  • Social life
    The purpose of this category is to reflect social life in its broadest terms, portraying a person interacting with others and with their surroundings
  • Company life
    The purpose of this category is to reflect the above but in a more specific sense. It aims to capture life in companies

Website: http://www.ikeiphotocontest.es/en/

Ikei Photo Contest 2017 Winners

Social Life Category

Garbage Collector, © Júlio César Riccó Plácido da Silva, First Prize, Ikei Photo Contest
Garbage Collector
© Júlio César Riccó Plácido da Silva
First Prize

In the image I present a garbage collector, with part of the body inside the bucket in search of recyclable garbage. Just behind a bus passes at high speed with the words we will always go with you.


Elderly and Sewing Machine, © Teo Liak Song, Second Prize, Ikei Photo Contest
Elderly and Sewing Machine
© Teo Liak Song
Second Prize


Honorable Mentions Social Life Category

sk8, © Ignacio Carmona Loeches, Ikei Photo Contest
© Ignacio Carmona Loeches


Diagonal de Vida, © Juan Carlos Hernández, Ikei Photo Contest
Diagonal de Vida
© Juan Carlos Hernández


Paseo, © Juan Miguel Cervera Merlo, Ikei Photo Contest
© Juan Miguel Cervera Merlo


Jinetes Urbanos, © Dominic Francisco Martín Dähncke, Ikei Photo Contest
Jinetes Urbanos
© Dominic Francisco Martín Dähncke


El Rocío, © Sergi Reboredo Manzanares, Ikei Photo Contest
El Rocío
© Sergi Reboredo Manzanares


María Va Al Mercado, © Ignacio Raventós Cardús, Ikei Photo Contest
María Va Al Mercado
© Ignacio Raventós Cardús


The Gymnastic, © Juan Luis Durán Guinot, Ikei Photo Contest
The Gymnastic
© Juan Luis Durán Guinot


Travesía a Nado Popular, © José Luis Méndez Fernández, Ikei Photo Contest
Travesía a Nado Popular
© José Luis Méndez Fernández


Serie Mis Vecinos 48, © Alberto Natan, Ikei Photo Contest
Serie Mis Vecinos 48
© Alberto Natan


Alzheimer Vs Recuerdos, © Diego Sánchez, Ikei Photo Contest
Alzheimer Vs Recuerdos
© Diego Sánchez


Company Life Category

Tensar la Cinta, © Joel Iglesias Santiago, First Prize, Ikei Photo Contest
Tensar la Cinta
© Joel Iglesias Santiago
First Prize

Una trabajadora de Eximport tensa sobre una mesa una cinta de abrasivo.


Tiempos Modernos, © Juan Carlos Hernández, Second Prize, Ikei Photo Contest
Tiempos Modernos
© Juan Carlos Hernández
Second Prize

Dos técnicos intentan echar a andar la vieja locomotora de vapor.


Honorable Mentions Company Life Category

Actividad Laboral, © Manuel Tirado Colmenero, Ikei Photo Contest
Actividad Laboral
© Manuel Tirado Colmenero


Pensamiento de Camino, © Yoandy Manuel Robaina Fuentes, Ikei Photo Contest
Pensamiento de Camino
© Yoandy Manuel Robaina Fuentes


Incense Sticks Maker, © Teo Liak Song, Ikei Photo Contest
Incense Sticks Maker
© Teo Liak Song


Conversación en la Barbería, © David Martín Huamaní Bedoya, Ikei Photo Contest
Conversación en la Barbería
© David Martín Huamaní Bedoya


Toda Una Vida, © Yhabril Moro, Ikei Photo Contest
Toda Una Vida
© Yhabril Moro


Workers, © Alberto Cob, Ikei Photo Contest
© Alberto Cob


Retrato de un Retrato, © Javier Lafuente Azagra, Ikei Photo Contest
Retrato de un Retrato
© Javier Lafuente Azagra


Minero, © Xavier Ferrer Chust, Ikei Photo Contest
© Xavier Ferrer Chust


Business Trip, © Fabio Ribeiro Maciel, Ikei Photo Contest
Business Trip
© Fabio Ribeiro Maciel


Buque, © Juan Manuel Maroto Romo, Ikei Photo Contest
© Juan Manuel Maroto Romo


Javier Larraya Prize for Participation

Travesía a Nado Popular, © José Luis Méndez Fernández, Ikei Photo Contest
Travesía a Nado Popular
© Jose Luis Méndez Fernández


Women Artists Art Competition
Women Artists Art Competition