Forgotten Recipe: That Deserves a Comeback Photo Story Contest

Forgotten Recipe: That Deserves a Comeback Photo Story Contest

Deadline: September 13, 2020
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: $40, $200

Food has its own way to give a deep satisfying feeling and a lasting dose of happiness. In the old times, simple and fresh foods with a slow cooking process and a pinch of basic ingredients had more nutritional and ethnic value than today’s recipes.

Whether it’s a traditional cuisine, or something your grandma used to cook at home; we would love to see what’s in your culinary treasure.

So, without further ado, enter the call and share the one long-forgotten recipe that is in the dire need of ruling the present cuisines.

Content Requirements

Using 5-10 original photos, create a photo story that knocks down the pathway to the long-forgotten recipes and shows that classic food deserves to be part of the modern era diet.

  • Use original and good quality photos or scanned images
  • Create a brief description and caption to each photo to make the story comprehensive, engaging and expressive
  • Use your original content, the plagiarized text will lead to disqualification


This photoblog aims to bring together foodies who wish to rejoice in the culinary diversity and crave old flavors.

Winning Criteria

The contest entries will be judged. The Contest Sponsors will choose the winners based on the following criteria:

  • The submitted story must meet all the content requirements
  • The content should be creative and engaging (Remember, you are writing for an international audience)
  • Image quality and authenticity matters


  • First prize – $200
  • Second place – $40
  • Third place – $40
  • Fourth place – $40
  • Fifth place – $40

Level requirements

Newbie, Junior, Senior

Submission Formats

JPEG, PNG – minimum resolution of 1920×1080 and maximum size 10MB

Copyright requirement

FrstHand rights granted – By submitting your content in the call, you grant Frsthand the right to share and promote your work on the platform and FrstHand social media channels, including the commercial use. You must own and control the copyright to all photos you submit. FrstHand will guarantee appropriate attribution to your work.

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