EyeEm Awards

EyeEm Awards

Deadline: July 26, 2019
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: Trip to Berlin for Berlin Photo Week, Feature in EyeEm Magazine, Participation in the Exhibition, Publications

The 2019 EyeEm Awards represents a distinctive platform for global creative talent to get discovered. Open for all photographers and creative thinkers, EyeEm’s annual photo awards has been created with one purpose – to showcase groundbreaking photography from emerging artists.

Upholding the title of the largest photography competition in the world since 2015, The 2019 EyeEm Awards features 10 categories, including 3 new additions, that will push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Submissions open until July 26, 2019.

The shortlist will be announced in early September, and
all winners will be announced at Berlin Photo Week, taking place in Berlin October 11-13, 2019.


The Foodie

The table – a place for community, conversation and creativity. A platform for discussion and direction. Food has evolved into a tool for expression and food-focused experiences are breaking the mold of the traditional dinner plate. Food can be a tool for shaping our inspiration and creating new connections. The Foodie is centered around new colors, textures, compositions and contexts waiting to be explored.

The Traveler

The stories that will challenge preconceptions and break the concepts of distance, The Traveler highlights the work of pioneers choosing to discover untouched corners of the world and new angles of much-loved locations. Celebrating natural wonders, awe-inspiring global events or your local neighbourhood we are calling travelers to find unique travel stories, communities and paths are shaping our world.

The Street Photographer

The sound of late night adventures seamlessly echo through the bustle of a new day on streets around the globe. Living reflections of the individuals shaping our cosmopolitan hubs. Street photography is about transforming everyday moments into captivating visual stories. Whether it be moments of contemplation, exploration or vibrant contrasts, The Street Photographer is an opportunity for skilful pursuit of stories shaping our urban narratives.

The Great Outdoors

The earth is a beautiful, vast, crazy, wonderful place full of the most incredible landscapes. Whether it’s rolling hills or intense mountain ranges; calm lakes or crashing ocean waves; deep forests or volcanoes – share your best photos of the world’s terrain.

The Minimalist

Understanding the critical principle that at times less is more is the backbone of creativity. The Minimalist is about stripping away all the noise and refocusing your lens onto the details that will speak for themselves. Strong visual storytelling comes from an ability to highlight key elements in an image without compromising on the narrative. How can you use less to say more?

The Portraitist

Have you ever seen an image of a person and instantly wanted to be their friend? Or maybe you simply wanted to know their story. Great portrait photography can evoke emotions and feelings in us about people we’ve never met. This category challenges you to share human connection with us. Make us feel curiosity, wonder, friendship, love or empathy with a person in an image.

The Architect

The built environment – lines, shapes, and spaces that can bring us together. When carefully designed, space can provide a shelter or a stage for communities to flourish. It can also act as a tool for separation or a platform for a stronger sense of self. The Architect is your opportunity to see beyond the four walls and capture the perspectives that come from spaces we have built, nurtured or destroyed.

The Creative

This one’s for the digital artists. The Creative is challenging you to share your best Photoshop edits, or even generative AI photography. What does your world of creative compositing look like?

The Photojournalist

Photojournalism is arguably the most powerful form of photography. It’s all about the stories behind the images – the most emotional, exciting, devastating and monumental moments have been documented by photojournalist throughout history. We want to see your powerful stories.

The Mobile Photographer

EyeEm began as a mobile photography community in 2010, with one of the world’s first mobile photography competitions. The community has since grown to become one of all devices and models. To pay tribute to our roots, we’re introducing a mobile photography category for the first time. Submit your best images shot and edited on any smartphone device.

Our Prizes

Get Published and Win Gear

The Photographer of the Year will receive a trip to Berlin for Berlin Photo Week, a feature in EyeEm Magazine and more. All winners and finalists will get featured, exhibited and published on a global scale.

Website: https://www.eyeem.com/awards


“A City in Transit” Photo Competition – Midstory
“A City in Transit” Photo Competition - Midstory


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