“A City in Transit” Photo Competition – Midstory

“A City in Transit” Photo Competition - Midstory

Deadline: July 27, 2019
Location: Ohio, USA
Entry fee:
Prizes: Valuable Prizes, Participation in the Exhibition

Midstory is looking for photographs that tell the story of Toledo from the perspective of your lens, paired with a description that tells the story behind: in this case, the story of A CITY IN TRANSIT.

Much like being on a train, cities are full of people who may not know each other, yet are moving forward together and share a common destination. Though our backgrounds often widely differ, Toledoans and Midwesterners have a common narrative and a shared direction: a rich cultural fabric, a voice often overlooked and overshadowed by the coast, and a hopeful future full of change, innovation and progress. That is a city in transit.

Midstory intends to help document this journey by showcasing our city’s photography and stories across social media, mainly Instagram, but the competition will culminate with the “A City In Transit gala x expo” on August 3, 2019. Please see details below on how you can be a part of this moment of transit for our city and our region by entering YOUR photography into the competition and being featured on Midstory’s digital and physical platforms.

All photos submitted must be taken within the Northwest Ohio/Southeastern Michigan region. You must provide an approximate location that the photo was taken with each submission.

Main Challenge Prompt

The theme of the photos/stories we are looking for is “IN TRANSIT”. To be “IN TRANSIT”, could mean a lot of things: on your way, in motion, in the process, or in the midst of something. For Toledo, that could mean a city in the middle of rebuilding its identity.

Our theme begins at what should have been the city center: the downtown train station, a transit hub meant to be our future that’s largely been forgotten. But your photos don’t need to stop there; show us the moments you’ve captured that demonstrate that in-between moment and all the beauty that comes with it.

Who May Enter

This contest is open to amateur and professional photographers of all ages.

How to Enter

Each photo must be posted to Instagram with tag @midstorytoledo and have the following hashtags: #midstorytoledo and #acityintransit.


  • Winners’ photos will be exhibited at the event “A City in Transit – gala x expo” on complementary prints on August 3, 2019 at the downtown train station. Over 100 companies and organizations and 1000+ community members will participate in this event and see your work displayed.
  • Winners’ photos will be part of a promoted feature on Midstory’s digital platforms.
  • Winners’ photos will be part of a promoted feature on Midstory’s digital platforms.
  • Winners will be awarded sponsored prizes, from gear to gift cards and more!

Website: https://www.midstory.org/photo-competition/


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