Europhotometeo – European Meteorological Society

Europhotometeo - European Meteorological Society

Opening: November 11, 2019
Deadline: January 15, 2020
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: €250, €500, €1,000, certificates

The European Meteorological Society (EMS) announces the photography competition Europhotometeo 2020.

The competition is administered by the EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME).

The winning entries are determined by the votes of a jury consisting of the Presidents of all 38 EMS Member Societies. In addition, a prize is announced for the favourite of the public: public voting will be open from 2 to 18 March 2020.


The competition is open to any person that would like to participate. Each author can submit one photo, which must have been taken by the submitting author.


Only digital photos specifically related to clouds or other meteorological phenomena taken within 2018 or 2019 will be accepted.

Selection process

  • In the initial selection round, all admitted entries will be evaluated online in an elimination process by a pre-selection committee consisting of volunteers from EMS Member Societies and Associate Members. The highest–scored photos will be displayed at the EMS public gallery after 1 March 2020.
  • In the second and final selection stage, the jury, consisting of all members of the EMS Council and the Presidents of all EMS Member Societies, will select the top ten entries.
  • A Public voting will also be enabled.


  • First Prize – €1,000
  • Second Prize – €500
  • Third Prize – €250
  • The author of the photo ranked first in the Public voting will receive a prize money of €250

Additional notes

Authors will keep the intellectual property rights, but will give EMS, EMS Member Societies and EMS Associate Members the rights to use the photos for non-commercial purposes, with no payment being made for the use of the copyright.



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