Doha Youth Innovation Photography Award

Doha Youth Innovation Photography Award

Opening: July 1, 2019
Deadline: October 31, 2019
Location: OIC Member States
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: 10.000 riyals, 20.000 riyals, 30.000 riyals, 40.000 riyals, 50.000 riyals

Young people acquire a wide creative energy that has been manifested in their artistic, literary, intellectual and cultural production in general. This has made a distinctive impact on the cultural activity in the Islamic societies and led to the promotion of cultural diversity, intellectual and artistic openness, creative interaction among artists and the dissemination of identity elements in their creations, so that communities preserve their identity since Youth is the power of the nation.

Therefore, the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, an international organization affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, invites the youth of Islamic countries to participate in the Doha Youth Innovation Award, which will be distributed during the conclusion of Doha Capital of Islamic Youth, January 17, 2020. The Award aims at valuing the skills and creations in various artistic and creative fields for youth delegates, thus contributing in the formation of youth experiences that would be able to engage in community development, and to work to develop these experiences.

Terms Participation

  • Participants must be from 18 to 30 years old for both genders.
  • Participation is allowed to young people of OIC Member States or youth representatives of non-OIC Member States.


Islamic values

Youth represent the shield of the nation and its values, for they enjoy capacities and capabilities enabling them to strive and strengthen the identity of society, spread humanitarian values and compassion, scale up morals and ethics, promote virtue, support equality among society, fight corruption, exploitation and poverty and help the poor and vulnerable, in addition to sustaining other practices related to Islamic values. This theme seeks a photograph illustrating one of the authentic values of Islam and their impact on the lives of Muslims, and proving youth to be always the key driver to improving the status of their countries.

Youth and success stories

Nations are not evaluated according to their density, but rather the diligence of individuals and their ability to confront the difficulties and challenges that may keep them from fulfilling their dreams. There are many success stories in our Islamic countries, which we are witnessing in our daily lives and that bypass thousands of cases in all areas.

This theme aims to find the best photograph communicating a success story that stands for a personal, professional or athletic achievement. It may introduce a model of young people practicing their daily work showing patience and diligence, a model of perseverance and determination, or exerting efforts to overcome suffering and challenge conditions and strive to achieve success.

Our Islamic Heritage (a picture file)

Customs and traditions in our Islamic countries are closely related to the teachings of our Islamic Sharia, but they vary greatly in form, method, and practice as each country has its own culture and citizens, in addition to the extent to which it is deeply rooted in history and its geographical and human context.

A collection of pictures (a story or related photographs) depicting the facets of worship, Eids celebrations, customs, traditions, anniversaries or annual seasons associated with Islam, shall be presented in a file of no less than 5 pictures and no more than 10.


  • First place : 50.000 riyals
  • Second place : 40.000 riyals
  • Third place : 30.000 riyals
  • Fourth place : 20.000 riyals
  • Fifth place : 10.000 riyals
  • Sixth place : 10.000 riyals
  • Seventh place : 10.000 riyals



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