Asferico Nature Photography Competition

Asferico Nature Photography Competition

Deadline: November 29, 2020
Entry Fee: Young – Free, €25
Prizes: €250, €500, €3,000 cash, €200 gift cards, 10 days trekking in Malawi, valuable prizes, publication in the journal catalogue

Send your images to participate in Asferico 2021, one of the most important contest of naturalistic photography, arrived at its 15th edition. In this edition of Asferico 2021, the total prize value will be higher than €15,000.

The competition is open to amateur or professional photographers of any age or nationality.

Each entrant is allowed a total of thirty (30) entries into the Adult Competition, such total is intended to be distributed freely across the different categories.

Category for young photographers

  • Aged 14 and under
  • Aged 15 -17

For the young photographers entry is free and subject to authorization by one of the parents or the guardian.

Young photographers may submit a maximum of five (5) images between various categories.

The categories are those mentioned in the general competition rules.


  • Landscape
    The majesty of a scenario or the intimacy of a glimpse represent the inspiration of every photographer, who has to instill the feeling of amazement given by the uncontaminated nature.
  • Underwater Worlds
    The underwater world is unknown to most people. The submarine life (plants, animals or habitats), from marine to freshwater environments, is a fascinating subject and it can be portrayed with images able to tell their essence in a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Other Animals
    The fantastic diversity of shapes, behaviors and relationships of the animal kingdom can be pictured through portraits, settings or action scenes able to instill the character or the soul of the subject in an original and exciting way.
  • Plants and Fungi
    The delicacy of a flower or the strength of an ancient tree are few examples of a biodiversity that can be portrayed in many different ways through the sensitivity of a careful observer.
  • Composition and Forms
    The beauty of nature can be resumed with imagination and creativity playing with shapes and colors and with blurry and reflections while looking for unique and personal visions.
  • Man and Nature
    A combination of contrasts and contradictions, but also of balances and coexistence. Every photographer for once in his/her life must have photographed meaningful pictures able to impress the observer sensitizing to a respect for nature that is often lacking.


The overall winner

  • €3,000 cash
  • a 10 days trekking in Malawi (value of approximately €1,600)
  • carbon gimbal type KEVLASS Z (approx. value of €700)

Winners of each category

  • €500 cash

The runner up of each category

  • €250 cash

Furthermore, 8 more photographer will be selected in each of the eight categories. In the young photographers category will be awarded the two pictures of the age groups with a €200 gift card. The runner up of each age group will receive the competition catalog.

All winners and selected photographers will receive the catalogue of the contest, are invited to participate in the awards ceremony and to attend the gala dinner during Asferico 2021 Photofestival.


  • David Allemand (France), Wildlife photographer
  • Klaus Tamm (Germany), Wildlife photographer
  • Leonardo Battista (Italy), Wildlife photographer
  • Marco Ferrari (Italy), Science journalist, collaborator of Focus magazine and editor in chief of Asferico magazine
  • Miho Tsuruoka (Japan), Wildlife photographer


  • 26 September – 29 November 2020 – Submit of images
  • 2 January 2021 – Pre-selection outcomes
  • 2-17 January 2021 – Request for RAW and JPEG format files in high-resolution and image descriptions
  • 29- 31 January 2021 – Jury
  • 8 February 2021 – Notification of winners

Entry Fee

  • €25
  • For the young photographers (aged 17 and under on the opening date of the competition) subscription is free


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