35AWARDS Photo Contest

35AWARDS Photo Contest

Opening: February 26, 2019
Deadline: February 25, 2020
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: Valuable Prizes, Catalog Publication

35AWARDS — a major international award created in 2015 by the creators of the professional photo community 35photo.pro. In the first year, 36 thousand people from 110 countries took part in it. In 2016, more than 76 thousand. Every year count of participants increases. In 2017, more than 103 thousand people from 160 countries took part in the competition. More than 257 thousand photos were submitted for the competition.

Special attention is paid to the voting system in 3 stages, thanks to which we are able to process a huge number of downloads. At each stage, hardening the selection criteria. We are constantly improving to make voting more objective.

The objectives of the award include the search for the best 100 works of the year in various categories. And since 2017 the definition of 100 best photographers of the year based on the 3 best works.


Black and white

The first photo was taken almost 200 years ago and has become something commonplace in our lives. Black-and-white photograph – a classic. Black or black-and-white photograph is an image of a black and white, and intermediate shades of gray.

Conceptual photo (Creative)

Conceptual photography stemmed from conceptual art, its task – to illustrate a particular idea. Concept, on the one hand, is subjective, but, on the other hand, a successful picture is understood by the audience. As part of the artistic photography, conceptual photography can wear pretty abstract, so it is estimated almost exclusively on the basis of its subjective and aesthetic qualities.

Female portrait

The portrait of a woman is a popular genre of modern photography, interesting and loved by many photographers. Every woman wants to be special, unique, recognizable. And it is these features of the female nature that the photographer must take into account and transmit.

Male portrait

The portrait is now one of the most common genres, but shooting with the participation of men is much less frequent than photo shoots of children or women. By their nature, men are less prone to posing and to liberate a man in front of a camera lens is quite difficult. The fate of a person in one frame, emotionality, heroism, talent, uniqueness of personality, magnetism of personality, mysticism, selflessness and sacrifice, mutual aid, tragedy and modesty, humility and meekness…

Children photo

If you tried to take a picture of a child, you probably know how hard it is. After all, the child can not sit still in one place. The picture can be a child or group of children. We are waiting for the emotional, unique and memorable photos.

Landscape – daytime

Landscape daytime photography (also dawn). The photo shows the beauty of nature. It may be mountains, seascapes etc .. In the photograph may be present humans and animals, if they are harmoniously incorporated in the frame. Welcome original, ambitious, unusual frames with an interesting play of light. Especially photographs received will be glad in the harsh climatic conditions and from remote corners of our planet.

Landscape – night

Landscape night photography (and evening). Photos showing the beauty of nature. This may be the mountains, seascapes, photos of celestial bodies, etc. at night or in the evening. The photograph may be present humans and animals, if they are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. Welcome original, ambitious, unusual frames with an interesting play of light. Especially we are glad photographs obtained in the harsh climatic conditions and from remote corners of our planet.

Urban landscape (Architecture)

Photos life of a modern city, with a large number of people and machines, vanity, new buildings and monuments. Important in the urban landscape – to see it in the existing city that others can not yet succeeded.


Animals, birds, fish and other creatures in their natural habitat. The photograph should be displayed interesting moment in the life of the animal, its behavior and interactions with other individuals or the environment. Welcome dynamic, emotional, memorable and original footage. We are waiting for technically difficult to find photos of rare animal species.

Nude 18+

Photos of nude, glamor and fashion. Ny – photographs reveal the beauty of the naked body. Welcomed the original, memorable work.

Staged photo

Photographs which show staged scenes or artificially organized especially for this shooting. In this category we are waiting for the scene, which are cinematic quality and look as if objects or people they \”play the role\”. This artistic idea is the basis of any staged photography and requires particular its implementation.

Daily Life (Peoples life)

The daily life of a person or society, including various aspects of their life, life, leisure, work. Everything that surrounds them and what they face daily. This is not a staged photograph, but a moment in the life of peoples, real, live…

Street photo

The documentary or reportage photography is one of the genres of photography, facing the real events. The objectives of documentary photography include the creation of a photographic document is a testament to real events, document the era, as well as treatment or prevention.


Between shooting the starry sky and macro shooting a lot in common. Micro-space mysterious and interesting. And its small inhabitants live right next to us, but are rarely seen by man. Make them more noticeable and to consider in detail will help us close-up. In this nomination forward as well, and macro photography of plants, water drops, microbes, etc.

Still life

Image inanimate objects organized in groups or as independent, arranged in a certain order with meaning.

Mobile photography

The quality of images captured on a mobile phone close to the quality of professional equipment. Besides, mobile photography is one important advantage of the phone is always at hand. The main condition of this nomination is that the picture have to be made to the mobile phone, the genre does not matter.

Fashion & Glamour

Glamorous picture viewer focuses on the model, and the clothing and background details contribute to the multiplication of its appeal. Fashion – picture of high fashion, that is, models, expensive items of famous brands and designers for fashion magazines.

Photo project

If you have long been in photography and single pictures for you are no longer interesting, then you should focus on projects that do not limit the ability to tell a story. Usually it takes at least one year to create one photo project, although in general, the longer you work, the better it will be. A series of photographs has a much more powerful effect on the viewer. It is quite difficult to come up with a concept, but this is what will become the basis of your project.

Photo from the Drone

Photos from the drone, captured from the air, open up new perspectives to make fascinating and dizzying shots, and provide an opportunity to look at famous places from unusual and previously inaccessible views.


The essence of photography in motion is the transfer of dynamics. The task is to show the development of events and the movement of the object in time and space.

Reportage photography

Underwater photography

Underwater photography allows you to create one of the most attractive and unusual images, expands our knowledge about the behavior of fish, and just gives a lot of pleasure, thanks to the excellent angles and non-standard frames. Underwater photography poses certain difficulties, since it differs significantly from shooting in the air and is associated with increased danger.

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35AWARDS Photo Contest 2018 Winners

© Erbin Veysel, 1st Award ART-Photography, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Erbin Veysel, Turkey
1st Award ART-Photography


© Tse Tsz Ho, 1st Award Urban Landscape, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Tse Tsz Ho, China
1st Award Urban Landscape


© Danny Yen Sin Wong, 1st Award Children Photo, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Danny Yen Sin Wong, Malaysia
1st Award Children Photo


© Abu Shalwa Mofeed, 1st Award Wildlife, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Abu Shalwa Mofeed, Saudi Arabia
1st Award Wildlife


© Vika Ivanova, Russian Federation, 1st Award Conceptual Photo, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Vika Ivanova, Russian Federation
1st Award Conceptual Photo


© Halil Andi, Indonesia, 1st Award Macro, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Halil Andi, Indonesia
1st Award Macro


© Ieva Voguliene, Lithuania, 1st Award Mobile Photography, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Ieva Voguliene, Lithuania
1st Award Mobile Photography


© Anton Shevchenko, Russian Federation, 1st Award Still Life, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Anton Shevchenko, Russian Federation
1st Award Still Life


© Ilya Golovin, Russian Federation, 1st Award Nude 18+, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Ilya Golovin, Russian Federation
1st Award Nude 18+


© Dmitry Arkhipov, Russian Federation, 1st Award Landscape - Daytime, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Dmitry Arkhipov, Russian Federation
1st Award Landscape – Daytime


© Nick Stepanenko, Russian Federation, 1st Award Landscape - Night, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Nick Stepanenko, Russian Federation
1st Award Landscape – Night


© Lustre, Ukraine, 1st Award Portrait, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Lustre, Ukraine
1st Award Portrait


© Anton Montbrillant, Russian Federation, 1st Award Staged Photo, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Anton Montbrillant, Russian Federation
1st Award Staged Photo


© Nayeem Siddiquee, Bangladesh, 1st Award Reportage/Street Photo, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Nayeem Siddiquee, Bangladesh
1st Award Reportage/Street Photo


© Pham Huy Trung, Viet Nam, 1st Award Photo from the Drone, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Pham Huy Trung, Viet Nam
1st Award Photo from the Drone


© Margarita Kareva, Russian Federation, 1st Award Photo Project, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Margarita Kareva, Russian Federation
1st Award Photo Project


© Marina Sheglova, Russian Federation, 1st Award Fashion & Glamour, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Marina Sheglova, Russian Federation
1st Award Fashion & Glamour


© Svetlin Yosifov, Bulgaria, 1st Award Black and White, 35AWARDS Photo Contest
© Svetlin Yosifov, Bulgaria
1st Award Black and White


35AWARDS Photo Contest 2017 Winners

35AWARDS Photo Contest 2016 Winners




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