Uzbekistan Photo Salon

Uzbekistan Photo Salon

Deadline: August 10, 2019
Entry fee: from €15 to €20
Prizes: PSA and Salon Awards, E-book, Certificates and Diplomas

PSA (2019-248) recognized Salon open to all photographers around the world.


There are 6 sections fully recognized by PSA:

  • Open Color (PID-C)
  • Open Monochrome (PID-M)
  • Photo Travel (PTD)
  • Man and/ or Woman (PID-C)
  • Children (PID-C)
  • Portrait (PID-C)


All judges are highly qualified photographers with years of practice:

  • Sergey Anisimov, EFIAP/s, GMPSA/B (Grand Master PSA/bronze), GAIUP (China), GPU-CR4, AWIEP
  • Andrey Smolnikov
  • Svetlin Yosifov


At the contest there will be 78 international awards from PSA and International Salons club:

  • Salon Awards: 18 Special Salon medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze), 36 Special Salon ribbons
  • PSA Awards: 6 PSA Gold medals + 18 PSA ribbons
  • Digital Diplomas are sent to all awarded participants
  • Digital Acceptance Certificates are sent to all accepted authors
  • Type of Catalogue: e-book available for all participants

Entry fees

  • Entry fee is 15-17-20 EUR for 4-5-6 sections.
  • Till 20th of July 2019 you can use 30% Early Bird discount. Please enter “tashkent” promo code on check out.
  • Clubs are eligible for discounts. Club/group discount depends on different factors: frequency of club participation, number of participants etc.



Flash Music Photo Salon
Flash Music Photo Salon


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