The Sacred Spirit of Bali Photos Contest

The Sacred Spirit of Bali Photos Contest

Deadline: January 31, 2021
Entry Fee: Free
Prizes: vouchers of 500.000 IDR, 1.000.000 IDR, valuable prizes, publication in the book

“BALI, a special vortex where the elements of Nature, Tree or River, where a smile of a child or the wrinkles of labour, let the soul of all beings express its divine. Who hasn’t dreamt to come or come back to the island of Gods to feel this special connection we have lost living busy lives in our material world?

Get inspired by the fantastic resilience of the Balinese, who have captured from crisis the wisdom to overcome with creativity. Participating as a voter will keep the feeling of connection going.

Buying a piece of Art will support Dignity, Environment and Hope.

Let’s share beautiful captured moments or wander through the eyes of the artists while travelling is still complicated. More than ever I invite you to join us in this photo contest, waking up this mysterious feeling, connecting to the Sacred and nourishing it again.“

Rules of the Contest

  • No entry fee
  • Each participant will allow Blue Karma to sell their photography
  • All benefits from this contest will go to 2 great causes

You are a Photographer

Send us your preferred high resolution picture between 22nd of October 2020 and the 31st of January 2021. Choose one of the twelve categories you want it to be in. Add a story about it and your profile. Find support from your community as there will be votes and Awards.

You are a Voter

Vote for three pictures total in three separate categories. Your voting participation will determine the 36 best pictures, 3 in each 12 of the categories. Between the 1st– of February and 20th of February 2021


  • Landscape
  • Faces
  • Temples
  • Celebration
  • Art
  • Water, river, rain, sea
  • Wildlife
  • Fire, volcano
  • Earth
  • Plants
  • Air, sky, kites
  • Other

During the contest until the 28th of February, you can download your preferred images at a small amount of USD$5. Pictures can also be ordered on good quality paper for USD$30 (40×60) and USD$40 (60×90). And an Art book with the 36 pictures selected by the public will be created and sold for USD$50 as stock is available.

After the 36 pictures have been selected, a jury of 5 people will choose 3 pictures which will be entitled an additional award

All proceeds from this contest will go to 2 great Bali based organizations that we support: Plastic Exchange Bali and Soleman.


Sacred Connection, Togetherness, Inspiration, Sharing, Beauty, Dignity, Support, Consciousness, Creativity, Harmony.


First Honor

  • the 36 selections will be presented in an art book with the profile of each artist.

Personal Award

  • 1st Place gets a special 3 nights stay at Blue Karma, choice of Blue Karma Ubud or Blue Karma Seminyak + a voucher of 1.000.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa, a shop located in Bali dedicated to photo and video gear rental + a copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali
  • 2nd place gets a voucher of 1.000.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa + the photography book of David Metcalf + a copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali”
  • 3rd place gets a voucher of 500.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa + copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali”


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