TAI Photo Grant – Transparency and Accountability Initiative

TAI Photo Grant - Transparency and Accountability Initiative

Opening: October 24, 2019
Deadline: January 13, 2020
Entry fee: Free
Prizes: $8,000 grant

What does transparency mean to you? How does corporate or government accountability (or lack of it) affect your communities? Now is the time to show us.

Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit up to five pictures for a photo competition organized by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) – a collaborative of funders committed to open government, citizen engagement and collective action for the public good.

The competition seeks to promote conversation around transparency and accountability issues and provide a space for photographers and artists to help bring these concepts to life.


Professional and amateur photographers of any nationality aged 18 and older are encouraged to apply.


Photographers are not constrained in what they submit, but potential themes might include manifestations of transparency and accountability in how citizens interact with government, use of public resources, sharing and use of data, integrity of companies and governments.


A single prize will be awarded by a panel of Judges that includes a professional photographer, a seasoned photojournalist, and expert in the Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP) space. The winner will be announced on February 7 and will receive a work grant of US$8,000 to carry a photographic project to produce at least 30 photographs related to the themes of government and corporate transparency and accountability. The project is expected to begin on February 14 and completed by May 15, 2020.

The grant will be disbursed in two payments: 40% upon signature of agreement, 60% upon submission of photo essay. TAI will own copyrights to the images and reserves the right to reproduce, transform, distribute, and use for public dissemination. However, the winner [photographer] will be credited anytime any of the pictures is used in a printed or web publication.

Website: https://www.transparency-initiative.org/blog/5452/tai-photo-grant/


Feminine / Masculine Call for Entires – PH21 Gallery
Feminine / Masculine Call for Entires - PH21 Gallery


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