Smithsonian Photo Contest 2017 Winners

Smithsonian Photo Contest


Breakfast at the Weekly Market, © Thong Huu, Grand Prize, Smithsonian Photo Contest
Breakfast at the Weekly Market
© Thong Huu
Grand Prize

In northern Vietnam, people come to the weekly market to exchange goods and culture. They usually wake up very early to go to market and have breakfast here.


Rare, © Sara Jacoby, Readers' Choice, Smithsonian Photo Contest
© Sara Jacoby
Readers’ Choice Winner

This is Maggie. She has two rare chromosome duplications, one of which she’s the only child on record to have. This photo captures not only her vulnerability, but also the magnitude of the science for which we are so grateful. A little girl and her “Gigi” already way too familiar with hospitals and doctors offices than any child should be.


Pinnacle of Existence, © Oreon Strusinski, Natural World Winner, Smithsonian Photo Contest
Pinnacle of Existence
© Oreon Strusinski
Natural World Winner

Energy travels hundreds of miles across the ocean and comes to a dramatic end when it reaches our shores.


Backflip Submission, © Dan Fenstermacher, The American Experience, Smithsonian Photo Contest
Backflip Submission
© Dan Fenstermacher
The American Experience Winner

A wrestler does a backflip off the ropes of a wrestling ring in an attempt to defeat an opponent.


Making Incense, © Tran Tuan Viet, Travel Winner, Smithsonian Photo Contest
Making Incense
© Tran Tuan Viet
Travel Winner

Decoratively dyed bundles of incense dry in Quang Phu Cau, a commune in Hanoi, Vietnam. In Buddhist countries like Vietnam, incense is an irreplaceable part of traditional festivals and religious ceremonies.


Rain, © Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini, People Winner, Smithsonian Photo Contest
© Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini
People Winner

Niloofar is an Iranian nomad girl living in the Babanajm nomad region south of Shiraz city in Fars Province, Iran.


Stairs, © Adam Żądło, Altered Images Winner, Smithsonian Photo Contest
© Adam Żądło
Altered Images Winner

There are not many other animals as productive as sheep. They give us wool, milk, meat. Their memoirs are usually short. The pool of names is repeated every two years on our farm. We have already had two Queens, three Theos and four Fables.


Shadow Highlight, © Mohammad Mohsenifar, Mobile Winner, Smithsonian Photo Contest
Shadow Highlight
© Mohammad Mohsenifar
Mobile Winner

A couple of ladies are passing in front of graffiti.


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