PhotoBrussels Festival Prize

Still Life Call for a ‘carte blanche’ - PhotoBrussels Festival

Deadline: July 20, 2019
Location: Europe
Entry fee:
Prizes: Participation in the Exhibition

Call for a ‘carte blanche’

As part of the 4th edition of PhotoBrussels Festival, PBF Prize is offering one photographer(s) and/or one curator a ‘carte blanche’ for an exhibition on the theme ‘Still Life’. The winner will be exhibited in the front space at Hangar (45 m²) throughout the festival period, from 15 November to 21 December 2019.

What is PBF Prize?

For the first time, PhotoBrussels Festival is planning to award the PBF Prize: a ‘carte blanche’ for a photographic exhibition (either solo or as a group) on the theme ‘Still life’. This is the opportunity for one or more photographers and/or one curator to have their work displayed and to showcase their project through an original scenography which will make the very most of the medium.

The following points must be respected:

  • The project must be original and unpublished
  • The artist(s) must appropriate the space and propose a considered staging plan
  • The artist must explore the photographic medium in the broad sense
  • A (maximum) budget of 3000€ in production costs (paid by PBF04) must be respected


  • The chance to exhibit in a dedicated, unique space in the heart of Brussels
  • The opportunity to benefit from the communication and high profile of PhotoBrussels Festival, which attracted 8000 visitors in 2018
  • A dedicated page in the festival catalogue/internet site and all the communication media associated with the Festival
  • A chance to meet the visitors to PBF04, including journalists and collectors

Who can apply?

  • A solo photographer or a group, with the option of teaming up with a curator
  • A curator and the photographer/s of his/her choice

Obligation: applicants must be resident in Belgium or in Europe, and must be of legal age (18)

Entry fee

30€ (/per project submission).



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